Legal Metrology Act: About Dealership Certification

  • April 11, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 is the defined Legislature regulating the standards of weights and measures in Indian Trade and Commerce companies. The Legislation mandates the usage of all weighing and measuring instruments in commercial transactions to be prior certified by the relevant Legal Metrology Authorities.


What is Dealership Certification?

Dealership License or Certification, as per the Legal Metrology Act, is the permit for dealers or sellers of a weighing and/or measuring instruments. It is a CoA, i.e., the Certificate of Approval for the instrument from the relevant Metrology Authority. It indicates that the concerned instrument is verified, accurate, and reliable for general public usage.


Legal Metrology Act mandates Dealer Certification

The LM Act empowers a registered Dealer to sell, distribute, and offer any weighing or measuring instrument for sale. The concerned Business will be penalized if any such instrument is not certified. Such penalties can range from monetary or imprisonment, depending on the offence's severity.


How does LM Act dictate the Inspection process?

The certification process involves an instrument inspection by an authorized officer of the Legal Metrology Department. The officer checks the instrument for accuracy and reliability, and if it meets the prescribed standards, a certificate of approval is issued.


Essentiality of Dealer License in India

A Dealership License is a must for Metrology equipment. The consumers must be ensured to get what they pay for. To maintain fairness in commercial transactions, the requisite Dealers/Sellers must certify the weighing and measuring instruments. The Dealer must also comply with the LMA provisions.


Legal Metrology Act's provisions for Dealer License

The Legal Metrology Act governs the regulation as well as enforcement of weights and measures production, which includes the Dealers' License. Here we are detailing certain provisions for Dealer Licenses as per the LMA Act in the following pointers:

Dealership License holding

A Dealer must not manufacture, repair or sell any weight or measure unless he holds a valid Dealership License from the Controller of Legal Metrology. If you desire to obtain the license, you must apply to the Controller of Legal Metrology in the prescribed format.

Dealer Application filing

The Controller can grant or refuse the Dealership License. He can also suspend or cancel a license registered with the LMD. But the Controller must allow the Dealer to be heard.

Dealer License Validity & Transferability

A dealer's license is valid for five years unless The Controller cancels it or the Licensee surrenders it. The Dealer can transfer his license to another person only with prior approval from the LM Controller.

Record Maintenance

A licensed Dealer must maintain all transactional records relating to the following affairs of the weights and measures. He or She must also produce the records when required by the Authorized person.

  • Manufacture
  • Repair
  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Transfer

A dealer must display the license at his place in a prominent manner.

Case of an Unregistered Dealer

If you are engaged in manufacturing or selling weights and measures but do not possess a valid license, you will be imprisoned for one year with a fine of ten thousand rupees.

Our brief to all the licensed Dealers of weights and measures is that they must comply with the LMA provisions to avoid penalties as well as employ fair trade practices. To know more about such provisions, connect with the Metrology Experts at Registrationwala. 


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