Different Types of Patent Applications in India

  • August 17, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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Elevating your invention to a patent is a dream that not many have, and to that end, there aren’t so many that realise this dream either. The reasons for this are many: one of them being which type of patent application to use. There are different types of patent applications in India. Understanding what types of patent application that you need to file can not only provide you with the protection that you need, it can also motivate you on your invention.

Types of Patent Application:

Whenever you ask for patent registration, you are going to be presented with the following options based on your needs:

  1. Provisional Application: if your invention is on the way. By this we mean if your invention is still ongoing and you have yet to complete, you can opt for a provisional application and protect the development stage of your invention. This is an application that is also called temporary application. Here, you have to provide you provisional specifications in the application of patent registration.
  2. Ordinary application:  Also known as the non-provisional application, this is patent application that you generally file for without the need to establish your priority. This is a conventional application that doesn’t have any other reference application. If you are looking for a proper straight forward application if you applying for patent for the first time, then this is the one you should opt for.
  3. Convention Application: this is the patent application that you file under the priority basis. This priority is based on similar applications that are filed in other convention countries. If you are looking for a convention status, you should apply for this in India within first 12 months of filing the patent application in other countries.
  4. PCT International Application: A PCT application refers to an international patent application. This sort of filing is applicable in 142 countries. As it is pretty self explanatory, you should have no problems with understanding that the biggest advantage of this application is to get the exclusive rights to your invention across the globe.
  5. PCT National Phase Application: if you are filing an international application based on the POCT designating India, you can file the PCT India phase application within 31 months from filing the international application. 
  6. Patent of Addition: if you have encountered an invention which is a slight modification of your invention or that invention has been applied for patent registration, you can file patent of addition. This is done if the invention does not involve a substantial inventive step. This sort of application does not cost any money and can be filed during the course of your patent lifeline.
  7. Division application: In case you are claiming more than one invention in the patent application, then there will be objection applied to you. To that end, you can file two or more applications based on how many inventions you are claiming, as you are dividing the application from the parent one in this case, this one is called Division application.

These are the 7 types of patent applications that you can opt for. Now that you know what to file as per your needs, are you ready to dream about patent again.

If you are cleared with which application you want to go for, your must know what are the documents required for patent filing or registration in India, also get to know about the process of patent registration in India.

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