Everything You Need To Know About Trademark Renewal In India

  • April 07, 2016
  • Registrationwala
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Trade Mark can be renewed in India for unlimited period provided renewal fees are being paid on timely basis.

Each renewal is valid for 10 years. If person fails to renew the Trade Mark then the mark becomes liable to remove.

Therefore, renewal on time to time basis very important especially when there is portfolio of Trademarks needs to be managed and there could be serious irreparable repercussion if one fails to meet the timeline.

So, lets understand how to renew the trade Mark which is core part of Trade Mark Management:

But, don't worry renewal request can also be filed within six months after the expiry of registration or renewal as the case may be in the prescribed manner along with late filing fees.

Renewal can be in two ways:

  1. One can apply renewal to change in any sign or words in the existing trade mark; or
  2. One can apply renewal without any change.

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