Requirements for MSME Registration in India

  • August 04, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Requirements for MSME registration in India details the documents that you are going to need for the purpose of MSME registration. It is these documents that form the foundation of the online or offline application that you are going to file online or offline to provide legal legs to your Micro, Small or medium sized enterprises.

If you only have an idea to start a business, and you actually took your first step towards realizing this dream in a small way, then you have our salutations. Such small businesses, borne out of out of the box ideas are the reasons that they hold such importance in the upcoming financial powerhouse of India. Therefore, government seeks to aid such entrepreneurs through MSME registration. Now, if you have gone through some of our other blogs, then you already might know what this registration is. Therefore, taking a step forward, we are going to teach you the documents required for MSME registration in India, so that you are ready to stand on legal legs that can make your business last for a long time, even forever, if the conditions are right.

MSME Registration Recap

Before we dive into the matter of requirements, let us refresh our memories as to what MSME is. MSME is an acronym for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. These companies can be considered flower buds that just came into existence, or the companies that are about to blossom into full flowers. Fauna metaphor aside, these are the enterprises that are new, small scale, and a lot more focused. The three terms Micro, Small and medium are based on the number of employees and the annual turnovers that these companies generate. You would know all about them if you have gone through some of MSME Outreach Programs.

Now, that the recap is done, we can now take a bite into the actual meat of the blog: The documents required for this registration:

Documents Registration for MSME Registration

Now, as it is a legal matter, one would make the mistake of thinking that the documents required for this endeavour might be difficult to acquire. It is a mistake to think that because these simple documents entail the following:

  1. Address proof of the business: Every business has it’s headquarter. This documents pertains to the proof of the address of that headquarter. It can be a copy of home registry if you own the infrastructure, or it can be the rent agreement if the place is on rent. Needless to say, you would also need to have an NOC from the landlord if the case is the latter (if you the place on rent).
  2. Copies of sales bill and purchase bill: In order to show yourself to be small scale, you need to provide accurate details of your finances. These bills cater to that need.
  3. Partnership Deed or MoA or AoA: If your business entity is incorporated in or whatever form, you need to provide the details regarding the same.
  4. Bills associated with the machinery: Another details of your finances can be gotten from the machinery that you are applying within your business.
  5. Copy of the licenses: If you have applied for licenses for food trade, import export code, HALAL foods, Kosher Foods, or anything, you need to provide the copies of such licenses as well.

These are just some of the documents needed for this purpose. Once you have gotten these documents, you can move forward with the MSME registration process either online or offline. Regardless of the path that you choose, make sure that you have the right experts to aid you.

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