Trademark your Business to Make your Mark

  • July 16, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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What is common in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and HP? They have made a mark in this world. While they have worked for decades to achieve it, it couldn’t have happened if they hadn’t taken measures to protect their brand. Therefore, trademark your business to make your mark. Through trademark registration, you get a chance to safely grow. And if you have the chance to grow, you can grow.

When you start a business, your aspiration is to be successful at it. A good aspiration at every sense of the word, but a risky aspiration if you don’t safeguard your business name. The saying “What’s there in the name” might be true for several things, but in a business world, it represents foolishness. Your business name is your identity, and the saying that actually holds true here is “It’s all there in the name”. A successful business whose business name is protected can find further success in the world.

How can come across such protection? Simple! The answer lies in trademark registration. Through trademark registration, you establish a protective shield around your business identity. However, is the protection enough? What more business have to gain from trademark registration? Through this blog, you are going to know about the benefits of trademark registration for your businessOnce you are convinced, you can trademark your business to make your mark in this world.


Benefits of trademark registration for your business

Your business is not just a mere infrastructure made out of cement and brick. It has a legal identity. Its foundation is made out of your hard work and sweat. Its products are how a business communicates with a client. Losing the identity of these products or in simple terms losing their trademark would make your business unknown. Then soon after, it can disappear. Maintaining the identity of a brand is the first, the foremost and the pinnacle of benefits of trademark registration.

However, through the following points you are going to learn that trademark registration brings a lot more to your business than just protection.

1.It establishes that your brand belongs to you: Your business’s identity needs protection. The better you perform, the more the identity of your business grows. However, this growth is not without risks. There are several business vultures that fly around good businesses to steal their reputation-to use their names as their own to gain more attention from the customers. Therefore, you should legally establish that your brand only belongs to you. Trademark registration does just that for business

2.No one can steal your brand name without consequence: Cheaters never prosper, and thieves never stay rich for long-trademark registration proves this saying (that we made up). If another person or another business uses your business name or your brand name without your permission, they have to face your legal wrath. It is one of the most effective benefits of trademark registration for a business. There are entire trademark hearings that are done to ensure that the thieves of trademark suffer.

3.Trademark registration allows you to expand your business: One of the major advantages of trademark registration is ownership over your trademark. It is a versatile form of ownership, meaning that you can use the trademark however you want to. In fact, if you want to license your trademark, you can do so. Through trademark licensing, you give limited rights to other businesses to use your trademark. It is a good way to let more people know your brand. Consequently, your business can expand.

4.Trademark registration is thorough form of IP protection: Trademark registration is a thorough form of IP protection. It means that even if someone else creates a mark that is even remotely similar to yours, you can oppose their trademark through trademark opposition.

5.Trademark gain more monetary value over time: If you have been in business for a long time, you become more known. Therefore, you gain more reputation. It is reflected on your trademark as well. However, more reputation not only earns you more trust from your customers, it also adds monetary value to trademark. Meaning, your trademark becomes as asset. You can license it or sell it to make more money if you want.

The above benefits are not something that are just indirect, they are the reasons why companies like Amazon, HP, Microsoft, and others have registered their trademarks. All of them have made a mark in this world.

So now, it is your turn to trademark your business and make your mark.

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