Here is How can you protect your business identity in India?

  • June 01, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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A brand is always a unique asset for the business which distinguishes the presence of product and services from its competitors because what product serves is different from what the brand does. The product fulfills the demand or the basic need of the consumer, but the brand offers the wide variety of choices as to the fulfillment of that underlying need and creates the consumer-driven environment where he or she chooses his or her preferred brand.

One can understand the difference between the two if you ask this basic question to yourself that in case you want to have a soft drink then what you would order to quench your thirst, is it a COKE or PEPSI or THUMPS UP or some other brand. So, if you pick any one of this, then a decision may vary according to taste, or personal preference which is nothing but liking towards particular Brand because the basic need can be fulfilled by any of these but there is something else which decides what consumer prefer, more precisely this is the brand preference. Have you ever noticed, when you go out for shopping or somewhere else, why you order the same thing as you did earlier, think about this! I hope you get the idea regarding the difference between the product and the brand.

In this context, it is prudent to point out that each and every entity is compelled to ponder strategically how to protect the unique identity of your business. Well, there is a solution lies under the Trade Mark Act, 1999 which allows the owner of the mark to register its Trademark and restricts the other to use the same or similar mark.

If there is a threat to the identity of business then it leads deterioration not only to the image of the business but the consumer market as well or otherwise similar or deceptive mark can create the confusion amongst the buyers at large about whether the product is originated from the identified source or not. In this case, the consumer may feel that he has been duped and maybe next time he will not buy that particular brand. Therefore, registration of Trade Mark provides one way to protect the identity of the business so that other wicked competitors can not think to use the existing trademark.

Brand or identity of the business is something which is core to the business values. Sometimes, not only for the buyer but for employees as well, this brand concept is more important because being an employee, a person wishes to join or associate with the popular brand or good brand due to the sense of respect and belongingness or any other reason. Identity of business, therefore, can not be perceived only as distinctiveness but as a legacy which is created by business houses over a long period of time.

So, register your Trade Mark to protect your business at Registrationwala

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Dushyant Sharma
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