How to become an Auto Insurance Broker in India?

  • February 02, 2022
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Due to the high population and equally high vehicle count of India, auto accidents are getting common. Therefore, people are gearing up to safeguard their vehicles with auto insurance policies. It has enhanced the need for auto insurance brokers in India as currently, their numbers are low. Thus, in this article, you will know the procedure to become an Auto Insurance Broker in India. 

Currently, there is no industry more fruitful than the insurance sector. Given more importance since the pandemic (I know these words are harsh), this sector is seeing unprecedented growth. And that evolution is so much that currently, there exists a vacuum in this domain – especially in an Auto insurance broker License.

And the reason is simple. Car insurance policies are often too complicated, and at times, too intertwined with the car sellers that people question their legitimacy. It has created a demand in the car insurance industry that you can fulfill.

Therefore, in this article, you will know everything that you need to know about becoming a car insurance broker in India.

First, get all the qualifications necessary concerning car insurance policies

The first thing to know is that for becoming any kind of insurance broker, you need to acquire knowledge of that insurance domain.

Your first task is to hire a mechanical engineer who can understand the mechanics of vehicles. He will be the one capable of assessing the nature of any damages when it’s time for your customer to claim insurance policies.


Incorporate a private limited company

As per the IRDA regulations for the insurance broker license, only those with a company can apply for it. Other options that you have for the license are LLP or a cooperative society. However, if you want to keep your business fruitful and clients many, only opt for a private limited company.


Get your principal officer trained

Once you have someone in your company (and an insurance broker can only be a company) to act as the mechanical engineer to assess all the insurance damages, it is time to train the principal officer. The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India provides that training on its official website. Once the officer has completed 50 hours of training, he must sit in the insurance broker examination.

If the exams are cleared, the officer transcends into a principal officer – the person who will be responsible for overseeing all the tasks of your car insurance company.


Furnish the documents needed for the insurance broking license

The documents that you must furnish to encompass your qualifications, your business entity, your net worth, and the directors and shareholders that are part of your insurance broking company:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Articles of association
  3. Memorandum of Association
  4. Qualification of the principal officer (It would be better if they also had a mechanical engineering degree)
  5. Insurance broker exam clearance certificate
  6. Net worth certificate of the company
  7. The audited Balance sheet of the company

Make sure you have kept in mind the type of insurance broker you want as it decides your net worth, paid-up capital, and deposit requirements.


Apply for the insurance broker license online

Now, we move towards the procedure to obtain the insurance broker license. Valid for three years, this 

The license will allow you to start operating as an auto insurance broker.

  1. Go to the official IRDA portal
  2. Fill out the application form for the insurance broker license
  3. Upload all the requisite documents
  4. Wait as the document goes through the assessment.
  5. Get the license. 


Things to remember after getting the car insurance license

Your car insurance license is actually general insurance with the category of “vehicles”. Other factors that you must keep in mind when you obtain the license is as follows:

  1. Your principal officer certificate is only valid for three years. Thus, when you apply for renewal, you also need to retake the exam of the principal officer.
  2. You have to abide by all the regulations when operating your business.
  3. IRDA officials can pay a visit anytime to conduct a surprise inspection. When they do, make sure that you’re ready with all the documents in hand to show them the details of your operations.



To get a vehicle or car insurance license, you must follow the same path as you would with a general insurance license. However, make sure that you hire someone capable of overseeing your business operations properly. Any mistake can at best make you an irksome entity in the eyes of IRDA and at worst, make you lose your business.

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