ISO 14001 Legal Certification Requirements Checklist

  • October 01, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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The International standardization organization sets out the requirements for the environment management system for an organization through ISO 14001:2015. There exists the ISO 14001 legal certification requirements checklist that every business unit is required to fulfill in order to get this certification. Through the course of this blog we will take a look at the requirements for ISO 14001 legal checklist.

There are certain mandatory and non –mandatory procedures that are required to be followed and documented by the applicant in order to get the ISO 4001 certification in India.

Documents are Record Requirement:

Compulsory Records and Requirements- Some documents related to the environment management system in organization are mandatorily required to be prepared. The list of mandatory documents and records are as follows-  

  1. The scope of environment management system in the organization.
  2. The environment policy.
  3. The procedure followed in order to identify and evaluate the environmental aspects.
  4. The environmental objectives of the organization and the plans formulated to achieve them.
  5. The operational control procedures in the organization. 
  6. The details of the procedures for emergency preparations and response.
  7. The records of list of parties, legal and other requirements.
  8. The compliance obligations records.
  9. The risk and opportunities in environment system that needs attention.
  10. The record of compliance obligation
  11. The record of competence.
  12. The proof of communication.
  13. Records of internal audit and results.
  14. The results of management review
  15. The records of monitoring and measurement equipment’s.

These are just the documents that are mandatorily required to be maintained through the ISO 14001 certification process steps. But there are certain other documents and records that must be prepared by the applicant in order to ensure the proper functioning of this environment management system. However, the preparations of these records are not mandatory.

Non- Mandatory Documents- These are the records and documents that are required to be prepared for ensuring that the processes that are mandatory to be prepared are in line. Here is the list of the non-compulsory documents and records that must be prepared by the applicant- 

  1. The context of the organization and the interested parties must be determined.
  2. Records of the procedures to train and aware the employees regarding the ISO 14001 certification in India shall be maintained.
  3. The EVS communications evidences shall be collected.
  4. The procedure formulated for the control of documents and records shall be prepared. 
  5. The records of internal audit procedure shall be prepared.
  6. The records of evaluation of compliances shall be prepared.
  7. The records for non-conformity and corrective action shall be maintained. 


The preparation of these requirements will help you in obtaining and retaining the ISO 14001 certification in India by ensuring the effective implication of environment management system. 

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