All the Reasons That You Should Start a Call Center Right Now

  • August 20, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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India is known for 4 things: its intelligence, its culture, its food and its call centres. The fourth one is an old, tried and tested way of marketing. However, now, it has become something more. It’s now a platform where the companies can engage with customers at an interpersonal level. On the other hand, it’s also a place where the customers can get a unique buying experience. If you are an entrepreneur, think about either starting your own call center or associating with one.

Customers are no longer only interested in your products; they also measure your worth by how you treat them. This calls the need to deal with customers personally. It’s because of this need that call centers are part of a 150 billion dollar industry in India. If you think that this industry is only built by call centers of big companies, think again. While the bigwig players in the market do contribute to this industry’s share, it’s now start-ups that are sharing a big part too.

Why is it? Why are the start-ups venturing into this direction? Should you start your own call center? How soon should you start your call center?

Here are all the reasons that you should start a call center right now:

Customers become the major Focus

As an entrepreneur, focusing on customers is your primary task. You want to fulfill their needs, their desires and want to retain them. However, to do all that, you need to know about their needs and wants. A call center is a way to maintain a personal connection with your customers. Through voice calls, you can talk to them and provide them the exact answers. By providing this type of personalized assistance, you can also retain them, if you’re good enough.

Improvement in productivity

When you are directly talking to your customers on the phones, you are baring your products to them. They feel safe with you, and as a result, give you honest feedback. You can take these feedbacks, analyze them and make minute modifications. It’ll make you more productive. How? It’s because feedbacks allow you to tailor your service techniques to gain more profit.

Increase in Sales

It doesn’t matter how wonderfully you’ve put everything on your website, or how comprehensively you have explained your products, words listened will always triumph over words read. By looking at the websites, customers are not always able to decide what they are looking for. They need their choices narrowed, for it’s the only way to sell them the thing they are looking for. By taking their calls (read “inbound”) or calling them (read “outbound”), you can do both.

Start-ups as clients

If you want to start-up as a call center, then you’ll have your cake and eat it too. How? Well, we’ve already told you how start-ups contribute to $150 billion call center industry. Then why not, start a call center where you can take other start-ups as clients? Every budding entrepreneur wants to provide the best product. The problem with that is: their attention is more product-focused. But, to grow the business, they should be customer-focused. Through your call center, you can focus them towards customers. This way, they’ll grow and bring out better products, and you’ll grow by associating yourself with a successful startup.

Integrate CRM with telephony

By engaging with customers directly, you can record their responses and feed it into CRM (Customer Relation Management system). It’s an important tool if you want to retain your customers. By integrating the telephony with CRMS, you create a database to use as a base for your marketing and remarketing strategies.

There is no shortage of talent

Call Centre provides the most accessible career options for students who are fresh out of schools and colleges. The ROI (Returns on investment) for this business is always high. As a result, the fresher’s find the options accessible and lucrative. It ensures that call centers are always a hub of talented individuals who are well-versed in handling people and technology.

From keeping the services customer-centric to providing employment to freshers; from using the customer feedback to improve the services to providing outsourcing services to start-ups, the value of Call centers in India knows no bounds. Being an ever-rising industry in India, it might be a magnet of call center stereotypes but it’s a magnet that also attracts more profits.


A call center was the need of yesteryear; is the need of the present hour and will be the need of the future time. Empowering entrepreneurs to touch the hearts of the customers and empowering customers with choice, it’s a revolution that has connected many in India.

If you are convinced, click here to get started.

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