A Look at the Application Form for Cable Landing Station

  • February 17, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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A Cable Landing Station is an infrastructure that houses the devices to enable an international gate for the Internet. Because of the niche nature of this infrastructure, the application form that one needs to fill out to get permission to establish it is complex. Therefore, this article gives you a straightforward look at this application form.


Points to Remember Before Filling Out the Application Form

Before we give you a chance to glance at the intricacies of the application form to set up a cable landing station in India, you must first take a look at the following points:

  1. Read the guidelines beforehand: If you don’t comprehend the guidelines, much of what you see here would feel foreign to you. Therefore, it is always better to fill out the application form only after gaining enough information.
  2. Get the help of a telecom consultant: Even though you are complex enough to understand the intricacies of the guidelines on your own, don’t shy away from taking the help of the consultants. When it comes to regulations, there are multiple perspectives. Thus, it is always better to have a second set of eyes explain the landing station rules.
  3. Do not fill out an incomplete application form: The Department of Telecommunication only grants permission to those who can fill out the application form correctly in one go. Therefore, make sure to fill out the application form thoroughly. An unfinished circular would lead to rejection. And unlike other regulatory bodies, where you can convince the official to give you another chance, here, once your application faces rejection, it is final.


Structure of the Application Form

Let us not take a look at the application form for the license. First things first, the application form is divided into three parts:

  1. General information
  2. Details of the Submarine Cable Landing Station in India
  3. And, Declaration

Let us now look at the details one by one.


General Information

Here are the ten general details that you must provide in the application form:

  1. Name of the Company
  2. ISP License Number and the service area within which it is valid
  3. Complete address of both the corporate and the registered office
  4. Address of correspondence
  5. Name and details of the authorized person. During the application procedure, the authorized person will be the POC between the company and the Department of Telecommunication.
  6. Resolution of Board of Directors authorizing the person signing the application form.
  7. Foreign Equity details: Due to the recent telecom regulation amendments, 100% foreign equity is allowed via the automatic route. Despite that, the applicant must provide a breakdown of the Foreign Direct Investment.
  8. How many landing stations do you want to establish?
  9. Application processing fee details: Provide the details of the demand draft you used to submit the application processing fee of INR 50,000/-


Details of the Landing station

Here are the 20 details of the landing stations that you must provide in the application form:

  1. Location details of the Submarine Cable Landing Station
  2. Name of the cable you’re using to render your services
  3. Terminal Landing Station info
  4. Total Fibre Capacity
  5. Landing stations in your vicinity
  6. Configuration of the fibre cable – provide the number, capacity and routing details of each cable
  7. Repeater Configuration: Provide the number and location of repeaters
  8. Technology that you’re using in your landing station
  9. A comprehensive list of terminal station equipment
  10. Test and monitoring equipment details
  11. Ownership information about the network
  12. Details of the manufacturer of the system you’re using in the landing station
  13. Ownership information of the landing station
  14. Facility to monitor the landing station
  15. Country-wise list of owners of the landing stations
  16. Details of the services you would provide through your station
  17. How much does the landing station cost?
  18. A comprehensive networking diagram
  19. The details of all the equipment in use at the facility
  20. International connectivity details about the range and equipment in use for connecting the international internet backbone to the domestic internet service provider



The final section of the application form doesn’t entail any details to enter. Instead, it contains the terms and conditions of the license that you must agree with during the applying process.



The final section of the application form doesn’t entail any details to enter. Instead, it contains the terms and conditions of the license that you must agree with during the applying process. Remember these points before filling out the application form for cable landing station in India.

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