What is BEE certification and how it can enhance your business?

  • September 07, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What it BEE certification and how it can enhance your business? Checkout this article giving you the benefits and definition of BEE certification in India.

The customer of today possesses an enhanced mindset. Because of their access to the internet, they now know about the products that you’re selling them and they know what they actually want. They want products that don’t burden them with maintenance costs down the line. That’s why when it comes to electronics, they want products that don’t burden them with high electricity. And that’s why you should know about BEE certification.

What is BEE certification? 

It’s a certification issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency to a product to give it a star rating based on its electrical efficiency. Came into existence in 2002, BEE certificate registration is a process that every electrical manufacturer is aware of. However, what many don’t know is the steps one has to follow to get it. 

Another thing that many manufacturers don’t know is how getting this certificate is godsend for their business.

Through this article we are going to answer both of these questions for you.

Pre-requirements of BEE certification

When you’re going through the BEE certification process, your first thought is to grab that five star rating. However, in order to attain that rating, your product needs to be highly efficient. On that note, following are the tips to follow before going through the process of getting star rating for your product:

  1. Work with the best designers in the industry: Whether you’re a startup or a veteran businessman, you can’t compromise with quality. The best designers in the current industry have sustainable development of the products in mind. They automatically think about creating products that can provide the maximum while consuming the minimum. Thus, to get a chance at a five star rating, create products with the help of best designers in the industry.
  2. Get the energy consumption of the product tested at an independent lab: The hardest thing in the world is being honest to yourself. Testing your product’s energy consumption in your own lab might be cost-friendly, but it leaves to susceptible to personal biases. In your bias, you might deliberately let go of a few points and round up the numbers. If you go through the BEE registration process giving these numbers to the department, you won’t get the star rating that you want. Thus, you should give your product to an independent lab for testing. The unbiased results that you’d receive would let you take an honest look at yourself. You might be sad afterwards  and might have to redesign the product, but at least it would help you create a product that customers WILL find interesting.

Once you have designed the product of the highest standard and have assessed it’s energy rating in an honest and unbiased manner, you can move on the process of BEE registration.

How to get BEE certification in India?

You have to pass two doors in order to get the BEE certification. India, as a tech-oriented country that it is now, has always pride itself in pushing the applicants through a strict assessment process. The same goes for the process of BEE certification. The two doors or two levels of BEE certification are as follows:

  1. BEE brand registration: It’s not the level that gives you a star-rating. At this level, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency assesses whether your brand is fit to be given a star rating.
  2. BEE model registration: Once the Bureau deems your brand worthy to get certified, you can submit the product model to obtain BEE certification.

Regardless of the presence of two levels of certification, the process for both of them entail the same steps:

  1. First, you’re going to obtain a test report fit for submission from an independent lab. When we say “fit for submission”, we mean to insinuate that the quality of your product should be fit to get the star rating you’re looking for. 
  2. Filing the online application of BEE certification. At the time of filing the application, you’ll be asked to upload the documents at several instances. Upload them and in the end, submit the BEE registration fee to finalize the submission:
  3. BEE brand registration is a one-time deal. Thus, you’d only need to pay the fee for a single time.
  4. However, BEE model certification fee will depend upon how many models you’re looking to get certified.
  5. After the online submission of application, you’re required to send the sample of the products you’re looking to get BEE certification for in an offline way (mail the product to BEE office)
  6. The Bureau will run its own set of assessments on your product in the case of model and products in case of brand.
  7. If the assessment turns out that you’re taking care of energy conservation laws when designing the electrical appliance, you get the right to get the models registered. When the same assessment is done for the model, you get the star rating depending on the energy consumption of your product.

Documents  Bureau needs from you to issue you for BEE brand registration:

  1. Certificate of trademark registration
  2. Details of the manufacturing facility
  3. BIS certificate
  4. QMS certificate
  5. SSI certificate
  6. Samples of the product
  7. Other prescribed documents

Documents the Bureau needs from you to issue you BEE model registration or star rating

  1. Test report of the product
  2. Declaration Letter
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Agreement
  5. Sample of the model for which you want the star rating.

BEE certification is a key to enhancing your business

Following are how BEE certification can help you enhance your business:

  1. Low cost innovative products: As you’re designing the product and getting its energy rating assessment from an independent lab over and over until the product reaches the level you want, you realize that you’re adding more innovative ideas into your product. It will add an oomph factor in your consumer appliance that will attract the consumers it’s targeted towards. Soon, you’ll reach a stage where you’d find a way to keep the production cost of the product low and the quality of the product high.
  2. Star rating as a marketing tool: As you get BEE certificate, you’re instructed to the put star rating on your product. If you’ve gotten a star rating above three, you can use it as a marketing hook to attract more customers.
  3. Access to government tenders: If you have enough models under your electrical appliance with good star rating, you can soon grab the attention of the government. Every year, the government of India issues tenders to hire innovative private sector enterprises. You can grab one of these standards showing off your high-star rated products.


BEE certification  is  a way to obtain a star rating for your electric appliance and know it’s energy efficiency. While a one star rating will compel you to redesign a better product, a high star rating will help you reduce the marketing costs and attract more customers. Strive for better star rating and you’ll know the significance of the certification.

Interested in knowing the energy rating of your product? Obtain that five star rating with the aid of Registrationwala.

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