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BEE Certification Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Grant of BEE certification

What is BEE Certification in India?

BEE certification is provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency of India to the manufacturers of electronic and electrical appliances. It does so in the form of rating the energy efficiency of appliances and then giving them the BEE energy rating in the Bureau of Energy Efficiency certification. 

India, being the fastest growing economies in the world, has many consumers of electrical appliances. Due to it, in the beginning of the year 2000, there was a rapid rise in the number of available brands. It created confusion in the Indian customer and he asked, “Who should I buy from?”. To help them make that choice and to watch over the energy consumption intensity on Indian economy, Bureau of Energy Efficiency registration was born. They did it by providing consumers access to star rated appliances.

Bureau of Energy efficiency star label was born in 2002 under the provisions of Conservation Act, 2001. it’s objective was to watch over the impact on energy consumption of Indian economy. It also served a secondary purpose of giving star rating, so that people can have a choice of energy efficient products. It does to by testing the products as per the bee energy efficiency standards that it has set up.

As per the provisions, the BEE certification in India has been made mandatory for 10 appliances and has been made voluntary for the rest of the sixteen. However, voluntary certification is also recommended because it helps the brand gain customer’s trust.

So, get the BEE energy star rating for AC, refrigerators, ceiling fans and other electrical appliances by going through the simple to implement procedure for bureau of energy efficiency star rating.  

What does BEE star rating means?

BEE star rating means how much efficient the electronic or electrical appliance in terms of using electricity. The higher the star rating, the less consumption of electricity and the more feasible the product is to be used by the public. In addition to giving the customers an idea of the product that they are using, it gives the electronic manufacturers to up their technological game so that their products are more in demand. And Star rating BEE is what our experts are trying to provide you with.

Eligibility Criteria for BEE Certification in India

Before you apply for BEE certification, you have to find out whether you’re eligible for mandatory or voluntary BEE certification.

As per the BEE star rating guidelines, there are some products that fall under the BEE mandatory product list, and there are some under the BEE voluntary product list. But rather than complicate the matter,  let’s give you a list of products that require your undivided attention:

1.    Refrigerator: Normally, when people are searching for answer of the question: “How to get star rating for refrigerator” – they are actually looking for this product. BEE star rating refrigerator is the most sought after because of its high energy consumption. However, for fridge energy rating, the process is the hardest. It’s because of varying reasons, but one of them is star rating for frost free refrigerator and for simple fridges would entail different testing parameters.

2.    Air Conditioner: Other than, refrigerator, it was the air conditioner that was the first one to take up star rating. To get BEE 5 star ac rating, you need to manufacture your product keeping in mind the

3.    Ceiling Fan: If you hope to provide customers with BEE 5 star rating ceiling fan, you can do so easily with BEE certification.

The ones mentioned above are the common ones, but other products that you need star rating for are as follows:

1.    Star rating for tubular fluorescent lamps     

2.    Star rating for room air conditioners

3.    Star rating for distribution transformer        

4.    Star rating for cassette          

5.    Star rating for floor standing tower  

6.    Star rating for ceiling

7.    Star rating for corner ac        

8.    Star rating for ac       

9.    Star rating for direct cool refrigerator         

10.  Star rating for electric geysers          

11.  Star rating for colour TV        

12.  star rating for inverter ac      

13.  star rating for led bulbs         

14.  star rating for induction motors        

15.  star rating for agricultural pump sets           

16.  star rating for ceiling fans     

17.  star rating for domestic LPG stoves  

18.  star rating for washing machine       

19.  star rating for computer        

20.  star rating for notebook        

21.  star rating for laptops

22.  star rating for ballast 

23.  star rating for printer

24.  star rating for copier 

25.  star rating for scanner           

26.  star rating for MFD    

27.  star rating for diesel engine  

28.  star rating for solid state inverters   

29.  star rating for diesel generator         

30.  star rating for chillers

31.  star rating for microwave ovens       

32.  star rating for solar water heaters

So, here are the products that need your undivided attention.

Documents Required for BEE Certification in India

The BEE certificate requirements or to get Energy efficient rating differ on two different BEE certificate levels:

For the brand level, the documents required are as follows:

  1. Trademark Certificate
  2. Manufacturing facility details
  3. Valid BIS certificate if applicable
  4. Quality Management Certificate
  5. SSI Certificate
  6. Product samples for Testing
  7. Some other prescribed documents

For the model level BEE certification, the documents required are as follows:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Test Report from an NABL accredited Lab
  3. Declaration Letter
  4. Specimen of BEE model
  5. Agreement

Process of obtaining the BEE Certification in India

Unlike traditional certifications, the BEE registration process or BEE certification process or the process of getting energy star rating has two levels:

  1. Brand Level Certification or BEE brand registration: It is the BEE certification level of a brand. It’s a vast encompassing registration.
  2. Model Level Registration or BEE model Registration: At the model level, all the products that are under the BEE registered brand gain BEE certification separately.

Once you have cleared the certification process at both BEE status levels, only you then you get complete registration.

As for the process, BEE certification India has the three traditional steps:

  1. Testing of the appliance to check for energy consumption.

  2. Filing the application of BEE certification. Currently, there is a process to register BEE certificate online, which makes the application filing process also online.
  3. Submitting the application or the BEE certificate form via filling the BEE certificate online application to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Remember that during this step, you’ll be given a Bureau of Energy Efficiency Login. Once you receive the login, proceed to file the application pay the bee certificate cost. The entry level BEE certificate price, the entry fee is the same, while the model BEE certification fee is charged on per model basis.

  4. Submitting the Offline documents as well;’ The BEE certificate form is not only to be filed during the BEE certificate online application process, a hard copy of it – a duly filled BEE registration form PDF – has to be submitted to the BEE rating agency. Along with the application, the documents are needed to be submitted as well. As for where to send it to, the bee office address varies depending upon your state. The consultants will help you get there as you file the application.
  5. Getting the application processed and getting the certification on time. During processing, the department will conduct a thorough BEE verification process to check the efficacy of your documents.

BEE star rating means that you’re not going to get the 3 star BEE rating or the 5 star BEE rating right away. To give you the star rating, BEE itself conducts a series of tests to see if your products fall on the specific standards set by it.

Furthermore, throughout the process of BEE certification, India, you’ll have to monitor the application’s status. If your application has any issues, you’ll be promptly informed of it. Afterwards, it would be up to you to conduct a follow up and sort out those mistakes, only them you’ll have completed BEE certificate registration.


Remember that upon getting the BEE compliance certificate, your product is under the radar of the BEE. It means that you can’t reduce the quality of your product for quick profits on whim.

Our Assistance for BEE Certification in India

Our Assistance to get the BEE Certification

When you approach the BEE certification, you’ll find several documents requirement and processes ranging various and ambiguous details in the application form.

  1. We take your requirement to heart and file your application.
  2. We also submit the application and conduct a thorough follow up.
  3. If your application faces any deficiencies, we stand ready to reply and get the form accepted.
  4. In the end, we provide you complete assistance to get star rating of home appliances, be it anything.
  5. And, as a bonus, we keep the BEE certification cost – the professional part – low because of the requirement of the industries.

So, to get the star rating of BEE for your appliances, feel free to reach out to our experts and get one on one with our BEE certification service.

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