Legal Metrology License: Quantity Declaration on Packages

  • December 27, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Legal Metrology License: Quantity Declaration on Packages

Department of Legal Metrology governs the packages regulations of the manufactured or imported commodities as well as the manufacture and import of the calibrated instruments. It also issues the required Legal Metrology registration certificates and also the necessary Legal Metrology license to the needful manufacturers and importers.

Every package has an area declared for the commodity declarations. Such declaration details the consumer about the packed commodity. In this article, we will detail the manner in which the requisite declaration must be made in terms of quantity. In short, we will be talking about the quantity declarations of the packaged commodity. Let us look at them one by one.

Legal Metrology License: Units of Quantity Declaration

The Manufacturer or the Importer must express the quantity declaration of quantities in terms of the following:

Units of Measurements

  • Unit of weights
  • Units of Measure
  • Units of Number
  • Combination of weight, measure and/or number

Such a combination would give adequate information to the consumer about the quantity of the commodity contained in the mentioned package.

Exceptions to the Quantity Declarations

But there is some exception for commodities specified in the Fourth Schedule of the Legal Metrology Act Registration rules. For such commodities, the quantity declaration must be in terms of the following:

A.Units of Mass for the commodity which are any of the following:

  • Solid
  • Semi-solid
  • Viscous
  • A mixture of solid and liquid

B. Units of Length for the commodity sold by a linear measure

C. Units of Area for the commodity sold by cross-sectional measure

D. Units of Volume for the commodity, which is:


  • Liquid by cubic measure
  • Sold by cubic measure

E. Unit of Number for the commodity sold by a number

Additional Declaration for the Mass Quantity Declaration

If the quantity declaration has been made in terms of mass, then the manufacturer, importer, or packer can make an additional declaration on the commodity package to the number of commodities contained in that package.

Declaration of Dimensions for Legal Metrology License

Suppose the quantity declaration by weight/measure/number is insufficient for the consumer to yield full information about the dimensions or number of commodity(s) in the package. In that case, the packer must accompany such declarations an additional declaration of the packaged commodity's dimensions and number or any of them.

Suppose the packer deems it necessary to communicate to the commodity consumer any relevant information about the packaged commodity. In that case, he must indicate the requisite information on the same panel in which the other declarations are indicated as per the rules. Apply for Packing License Registration

Prohibition of Expressions used for Quantity Declarations

The quantity declaration must not contain any words which create any of the following impressions of the quantity of the packaged commodity:

  • Exaggerated Data
  • Misleading Information
  • Inadequate Impressions

Some examples of such words or expressions can be:

  • Minimum
  • Not less than
  • Average
  • About
  • Approximately
  • Other words of a similar nature

Using Additional Pamphlets for Quantity Declarations

If the commodity package has a capacity of 5 cubic cm or less, then the quantity declaration must be made on any of the following affixed to the container:

  • Tag
  • Card
  • Tape
  • Other Similar Labels

It must be conducted so that the package handlers cannot remove it without opening the container. Also, such tags, cards, tapes, or other labels must contain inscriptions, enabling the consumer to identify them.

The Legal Metrology Registration Provisions have been effective from July 1, 2012. It is read that the quantity declaration under the LPMC rules must not contain any expression that tends to create a misleading or inadequate expression regarding the quantity of the packaged commodity. For more information about the quantity declarations for the packaged commodities and Legal Metrology License Renewal Process, connect with the LM experts at Registrationwala.



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