What It Takes to Start a Call Center in Bangalore?

  • October 09, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What it takes to start a call center in Bangalore? Well, there is a well thought out plan for one, and the other matter is the matter of DOT OSP license. There are several intricacies with the registration process and the only way to know about the, is going through this blog. Read more to know how to start your call center in Bangalore.

How would you describe the technological boundaries of this world? Let me give you a guess! You cannot describe it, not anymore! There are no more boundaries left. With technological communication and the integration of overseas services, your needs as a consumer are met from the farthest reaches of the earth in the fastest manner possible. A call center for example, is what many might call, the foundation of such closeness. Combine this with a technological advanced city like Bangalore, and you have a winning formula for not only technology, but also profit. Throughout the course of this particular blog, you are going to learn about what it takes to start a call center n Bangalore.

Steps to start a call center in Bangalore

  1. Decide the type of call center that you want: Now, this question might sound a bit “unnecessary”, but believe us, it is probably the most important question that you will ever have to answer in your BPO business, especially when you start it in Bangalore. Decide the type of service that you are going to provide for this call center. The things that you have to decide here are whether you want:
    1. Inbound calls
    2. Outbound calls
    3. A combination of both
    4. A web enabled service
    5. Telemarketing services
    6. Do you want to take Surveys?

These are the factors that you will have take into account when you are laying the foundation of the call center.

  1. The second factor that you need to decide upon is the infrastructure: Now that you have decided what you want to do, it is your duty to decide how you want to do it. This is a process that involves deciding upon the infrastructure of the company. This is purely in technical terms. You will have to decide:
    1. How much area will the building take
    2. How much LAN connections will be involved
    3. How many phone lines will be involved
    4. How many structures are going to be involved
    5. What s the limit of the bandwidth
    6. How many employees will be working there

Bangalore happens to be a region with a significant amount of technological needs. Therefore, you need to be prepared to make the infrastructure as strong as possible.

  1. In order to decide upon the infrastructure, you will have to check the requirement:  a visit to a local DOT OSP office will tell you all about what you need to start a Call center. OSP refers to Other Services Process. This office details the things that you will need to register your company. Furthermore, it will also help you to decide upon the infrastructure of the company as well.
  2. Making that idea of a call center into a company: every idea needs a proper structure to be housed in, for call center, the idea has to be converted into a company.  You can go through company registration in Bangalore for this process.  
  3. Going through the DOT OSP registration procedure: Once you have decided upon the infrastructure, the need, the name and the requirement of the call center, and have registered the business structure as a company, you will need to go through the DOT OSP registration process in Bangalore. This process is a certification process that entails submitted the application for it to the Department of Telecommunication along with the following documents:
    1. Certificate of incorporation (The reason for step 3 to be here)
    2. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
    3. A note that specifies the nature of business of the proposed OSP.
    4. List of the directors of the company.
    5. Equity details of the company.
    6. Power of Attorney that authorizes the signatory of the attested signatures.

Furthermore, there are two types of OSPs that you need to concern yourselves with. There is an International OSP and there is a Domestic OSP. Deciding upon which one you want is an important matter, as the infrastructure changes drastically. Furthermore, it also changes the amount of financial assistance that you are provided with.

The DOT OSP registration is the most important part of these given steps. This license provides you a legal foundation to be able to start your own call centre in Bangalore.

That being said, getting this license is not something that can be done easily. Therefore, an expert assistance is in order and our team of Registrationwala can provide the said service.

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