Annual Return and Event Based Compliance

  • March 23, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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In order to run a Call centre without running into trouble, you need to file the DOT Compliances on time. There are two types of Dot Compliances: Annual Return and Event Based Compliances, and you need to file both of them when they are required. Filling these compliances shall ensure the legitimacy of your OSP Centre.

Running a call center does not merely involve getting the registration and then going on with your business of running a business. There are many intricate rules and regulations that the Department of Telecommunication has setup that you need to adhere to as well. There are two major DOT Compliances that persons running OSPs have to file on an annual and on an event-based basis. The purpose of this blog is to tell you about these compliances so that you can run your BPO / Call center without any legal issues.

Why file DOT Compliance?

When you are running a call center, you are using a lot of telecommunication resources. While OSP Registration gives you the authority to use these resources to run the OSP centers, the DOT Compliance set up some specific regulations that need to be followed to legitimize the OSP Centres. A check of proper adherence to these regulations is based upon the regular information submitted by the OSP center. Therefore, through compliance, you are giving regular reports to the Department of Telecommunication and ensuring the legitimacy of your business.

Types of Compliances

There are two types of DOT Compliance:

Event-based Compliance

This compliance is needed to be filed and submitted to the DOT in the event of:        

  • Change in the directorship of the OSP
  • Change in location of the OSP
  • Change in coverage of the OSP
  • Change in a certain infrastructure of the OSP
  • Change in connectivity of the OSP.

This compliance needs filing 15 days of any of the aforementioned changes.

Annual Compliance

Unlike the event based compliance, you have to file the Annual Compliance in the form of Annual Return within 6 months after the end of the financial year. It contains the following details that you need to fill:

1. Name of the OSP: Name you have given to your OSP center    

2. OSP Centre: Type of OSP Centre

3. Financial Year: The year you are filing the Annual Return for

4. OSP Registration Number: The OSP Registration number receive at the time of OSP Registration

5. Registered Office address: Address of the registered office.

6. CIN of the company: Company Identification Number of the Company. 

7. CIN of the holding company: Company Identification Number of the Holding Company.

8. Employee details: Here, you need to specify the number of the following employees: 

  • Agents
  • Managerial
  • Others

9. Name of the clients: Name and location of the clients.

10. Annual Turnover: Annual turnover for that financial year.

11. Net profit and Net loss: Net profit gained and net loss of that financial year.


A format for Performa of Annual Return of OSP

Proforma of Annual Return to be submitted by OSPs


            Annual Return for the OSP centre……………………………………….

            Annual Return for the Financial Year……………………………………


Name of the OSP OSP Centre Financial Year OSP Registration Number Address of the Registered Office CIN of the Company, if any CIN of the Holding Company if applicable No. of Employees Name of clients & Location Annual Turnover w.r.t OSP business Net Profit/Net Loss
              Agents Managerial Others Total      


There is a fair bit of expedition and information gathering that goes on when filing the annual returns for an OSP. Therefore, register the aid of DOT Consultant experts for this purpose.

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