What are the Steps for Filing DOT OSP Compliance

  • January 09, 2023
  • Registrationwala
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When you are running a call centre, BPO or any other OSP, you are under the constant watch of the Department of Telecommunication. One mistake and you can lose your OSP registration, preventing you from providing the services you want to provide. That’s why it’s so important to keep the telecom department happy by filing DOT Compliance on time.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the steps for filing DOT Compliance. We’ve made the steps easier for you to understand so that you can understand their values and continue to do business.


What is DOT Compliance?

Before we bite down to the meat of the topic, let us first discuss what compliance is. Compliance refers to a rule that needs to be followed. In legal terms, compliance consists of filing several forms on regular intervals and submitting them to the government body you are filing the compliance for. In the case of DOT complianceyou have to file specific form on a biannual basis to inform the department about the changes made to your OSP.


Steps to file DOT Compliance

There are two types of DOT Compliance. While they are to be filed on different times and under different conditions, the DOT compliance filing steps used are the same as follows:

1. Gather the documents for DOT Compliance: Filing the compliance involves furnishing information to be filed beforehand. You need to document them to go through DOT Compliance filing steps properly:

    1. Name of the OSP: Specify the name of your OSP correctly.
    2. OSP registration number: Along with the OSP registration number, you also have to attach the document that specified it when you licensed your OSP.
    3. Address of the registered office: To prove the address of the registered office, make sure to attach the certificate of incorporation.
    4. Company Identification Number: Certificate of incorporation can be used here to specify the CIN (Company Identification Number)
    5. Details of the Employees: These details include the names of the employees, their roles and the salary you’re giving them.
    6. Balance Sheets: Properly maintain account details have to be specified in those balance sheets.
    7. Profit and Loss statements: a copy of the profit and loss statement has to be attached
    8. Other documents depending upon the changes made to the OSP: If your compliance is about informing the term cell about the changes you’ve made to your OSP, you have to attach the documents that specify the change.  

2. File the compliance form: The compliance form is filed exclusively online. Go to saralsanchar and fill the simplified compliance application.  File the details specified in the previous step. Submit the application and you will be notified when the compliance is submitted successfully.



DOT Compliance has to be filed on a regular basis if you want to continue the existence of your OSP. That being said, we understand that the process of filing is not an easy one to follow. At best, a layman might file the application wrong and at worse, the application might be rejected. Therefore, we have OSP consultants in place. They provide DOT Compliance services for you at an affordable price.


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