The Importance of Corporate Agent License for Business

  • June 19, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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If you are a corporate agent who wants to represent an insurance company and sell their products, then there is only one way to do this, apply for a corporate agent license. You should apply for the corporate agent license to start offering your services as an agent.


This authorized license will allow you to connect with different insurance companies, create credibility in the industry, increase revenue, and much more. Having a corporate agent's license has many benefits for an individual or company agent.

What is a Corporate Agent License?

A corporate agent can be an individual or company that represents the insurance company. Not only do they represent the insurance companies, but they also sell their policies.


Here’s an example: If you purchase health insurance or life insurance not directly from the company but from a middleman, then this middleman is called a corporate agent.


For any individual or company, a corporate agent license is important to sell policies on behalf of the other companies. A corporate agent can represent three insurers in each of life, health, and general insurance. These agents work on a salary basis and not on a commission basis.

The Benefits of Corporate Agent Licenses

The corporate agent license has many benefits for the business, and these are as follows:

Agent Work on Behalf of Insurance Company

Every agent needs a license to become a corporate agent. And after obtaining a license, the agent can work on behalf of an insurer. In which they can sell the products of the company, and by working with limited companies, they have the proper knowledge of the products. They will get complete training in-house for all the products, they keep themselves updated with all the new policies and their features.


Works Best for Insurance Companies

For some insurance companies, hiring a corporate agent is better than hiring insurance brokers. An insurance broker works with multiple insurance companies, so their priorities are not set on a single company. 


On the other hand, a corporate agent works in-house with a particular company, so their priorities are set, they only represent that company and its products.


Follow the Regulations of Insurance Business

By obtaining an insurance license, the corporate agent has to follow the rules and regulations set by IRDAI. To operate in the insurance industry, one must follow the compliance requirements set by the authority. Some of the compliance requirements are:

  • Settling the claims and grievances of policyholders
  • Protect the interest of policy holders
  • Promote transparency, and fairness in the conduct of business activities


Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Using ethical practices in operating businesses will not only ensure legitimacy but also promote productivity, which leads to profitability. For optimal results. It's essential to appoint a registered corporate agent who can perform the different practices on your behalf.

It will act as a bridge between the insurance company and the clients. The agent will follow the compliance procedures, which ensure the timely completion of the projects and minimize the risk and chances of fines. 


Flexibility and Convenience

Corporate agents licenses make your company’s operations seamless with strategic decisions. Having experienced corporate agents with a license enhances the flexibility and convenience of completing the tasks. These agents will suggest the right product of the company to the client.


Show Credibility of the Business

When a corporate agent gets a license then it shows the credibility of the business in terms of rules, set of authority, and compliances. Having a license shows that the company is following all the rules and regulations which increase the credibility of the business.


Also, these agents are backed by the insurance companies. They represent the company with their latest products and features, which increase the credibility of the business among customers. Applying for the corporate agent license and obtaining it represents the physical entity of the business. 


At Registrationwala, we provide complete assistance to corporate agents who want to obtain a license. Our services include:

  • Document preparation
  • Application filing
  • Department follow-up
  • Follow up with the connected department

If you are a corporate agent looking for a license, then reach out to us with any queries. We assist you in the complete process.



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