TEC Approval Certificate is not needed for these products

  • May 27, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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TEC approval certificate is a business license whose requirement is now on the surge. The reason of that is it’s increased exposure. Although it’s an old license, people are just now learning about it because a lot of information is available online courtesy of TEC approval consultant.

However, the rush of TEC approval has made people unaware that there are products for which it’s not needed.

Through this article, we are going to dive into the other direction of TEC certification India. We are going to discuss about the products for which this approval is not required.

What is TEC certification?

To learn why many products are exempted from this license, you have to know the definition of TEC certification.

It’s a license issued by the Telecommunication Engineering Center in India for import of telecom products. This authority watches over the quality of telecom products coming into India in  the following terms:

  1. Radio frequencies: Whether the equipment operates within the permitted frequencies.
  2. Connectivity issues: Whether the equipment poses threat to another equipment when connected to it.
  3. Safety: Whether the products meets all the required safety standard.  
  4. Security: Whether the products exhibits traits that can put the national security of India in peril.

The entire TEC certification process is to therefore for products that are supposed to be used by common individuals. If the products cater a specific niche, the certification might become irrelevant.

Here are the products that don’t need to go through TEC certificate process

Before you read the list, make sure that your knowledge is complete. Thus, go through this products that need TEC certification before looking below:

  1. Spares/Modules/Components/CKD/SKD: Products that are completely dismantled, spare components and modules that are part of a bigger equipment don’t required any registration. In some cases, they are thought of as E waste and in some cases, they fall under different jurisdiction.
  2. Test Instruments: Electronic and non electronic equipments for testing like clippers or multi meters or frequency analyzers don’t require the approval of Telecommunication Engineering Centre.
  3. Tools related to R & D: Most research and development tools are already sponsored by the central government. Thus, enforcing TEC requirements of them would be a waste of time.
  4. Equipment for personal use: In case you’re importing telecom equipment(s) for personal use, then if that amount is in a small quantity,  you won’t need to apply for TEC certificate online.
  5. Passive telecom equipment: Passive of non electronic telecom equipment are considered safe. Furthermore, they don’t have the radio frequency requirements or the security requirements associated with them. That gives the importers of these products relief from getting TEC certificate.
  6. Integrated Systems and networks that are made of more than one telecom equipment: If you’re an importer of system comprising of multiple telecom equipments, you’re relieved from the requirement of TEC certificate.
  7. Power Sources: You don’t need TEC certification for UPS, power supplies, solar equipments or any other kinds of power sources.

Another set of equipment that don’t require the license are those that are already under the jurisdiction of another authority. These are as follows:

  1. IoT Sensors
  2. Set top boxes
  3. Inter Sectoral Devices
  4. Multi functional devices containing multiple Internet and Wi-Fi ports
  5. Equipment that are covered by mandatory registration schemes that are not TEC.


There are products you’re only allowed to import once you have the TEC certification. The above mentioned products are not among them. If someone is promising to get you the license for the above mentioned products, they are probably lying.

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