Essential Registration of Private limited Companies

  • August 26, 2016
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Incorporation of the private limited companies is one of the requirements to start your business. Besides private limited company registration, there are some other registrations as well which are required to be completed to run a business.

Incorporation of a business entity is not enough so you must have the knowledge of some other important regulatory registration and approval to finally take off your business and reach to next level.

Therefore, we,, as a consulting company, have listed out below some of the basic registration requirements which pvt ltd company has to take care of:

  • Type of business and get the same registered: Once the form of business model has been selected, it has to be incorporated as per the applicable Law, for example, LLP has to be incorporated as per LLP Act, 2008, and company be it is private limited or one person company has to be registered as per Companies Act, 2013.


  • Shop and Establishment registration: This is one of the legislation which people ignore due to their own ignorance. Shops and Establishment are almost applicable on every entity, office, store-room, godown, warehouse, commercial establishments, hotel, restaurants, etc. It is mandatory to obtain shop and establishment registration within 90 days form the date of establishment or private limited company.


  • Registered your trademark: Trademark registration is not a mandatory requirement to start a private limited company but it is always a wise decision to register the mark or logo of your product so that no one else can copy it.


  • Registration under Labour laws: Registration under various labour laws depends upon the number of employees, wages of employees or activities performed by private limited companies. So, if the private limited company meets any of the criteria which are mentioned under the various labour laws then they also need to obtain the registration for the same.

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Dushyant Sharma
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