What is LEDGERS - Accounting Software?

  • March 30, 2024
  • Dushyant Sharma
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LEDGERS is an accounting software which assists businesses in maintaining their accounts, GST and TDS compliance, payroll and income tax filing easily. Unlike many accounting softwares, LEDGERS can be used without any prior accounting knowledge or experience. It can be easily downloaded from the LEDGERS official website, Google Play Store or Apple Store.


This accounting software has helped a lot of businesses in India to maintain compliances without any errors and also helped them to avoid penalties. It is unified with GSTN, TRACES Portal, Banks and various other platforms in the country. Moreover, this software confirms the best data privacy practices, and also maintains high levels of security and has the facility of backup. LEDGERS is a paid software. However, it is worth the money since it provides full privacy, confidentiality and control over the data which is stored inside this software.


Now that you have learnt what LEDGERS is, let’s discuss how it is helpful in GST Invoicing & Billing, Receipts & Payments, and more.

GST Invoicing & Billing

With the help of LEDGERS, businesses can generate GST invoices or bills without GST from their mobile phones and computers in a quick and efficient manner. Due to the inbuilt catalog and contacts of this software, it takes a few seconds to create error-free invoices with correct GST rate and GST computation. LEDGERS supports billing in not just rupees, but multiple currencies from multiple-branches and multiple-users at one and the same time. These LEDGERS-generated invoices and bills can be shared with the clients on their WhatsApp, Email, and more.

GST Return Filing & ITC Reconciliation

The accounting software of LEDGERS helps businesses to generate error-free invoices of GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 with the help of API integration. Based on invoice, payments and credit note data, the GST returns are prepared automatically. Businesses can match the purchases against the input tax credit received on the GST portal.

Accounts Statement

The LEDGERS - Accounting Software can generate accounts statements and also allows businesses to share such statements with the clients instantly. It enables the businesses to view customer-wise accounts receivables, invoices which are overdue and send payment reminders which include the payment links. Using this software, businesses can create supplier account statements with details related to all the purchases, payments done and payables. With the help of LEDGERS, it is easy to track input tax credit receivable from vendors. If the input tax credit is not received, reminders for the same can be sent with the help of this software.

Receipts & Payment Gateway Unification

With the help of LEDGERS, businesses can issue receipts to their customers and make multiple payments against invoices. This software can be unified with any kind of payment gateway (such as CCAvenue, ICICI Bank, EBS and RazorPay) for automated invoicing and generating receipts.

Purchase Invoices & Payments

With the help of LEDGERS, it is easy to record purchase invoices, business expenses and payments. The upcoming payment overdues and overdue payments can be viewed easily. The supplier accounts statements can also be generated using this software. LEDGERS enables businesses to upload and keep copies of all the purchase invoices and bills on the cloud and also provides the facility to search and find documents in a quick and smooth manner.


LEDGERS is a good option for businesses as it makes accounting easier for them. Using this software, businesses can stay on top of their game by creating error-free invoices, sending payment reminders and more. The data stored in this software is completely confidential and assures data privacy. Due to this software, many businesses are able to avoid penalties. 

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