Challenges when getting ETA License and how you can overcome them

  • July 12, 2022
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If you’ve ever dreamed of selling wireless products, now is the time to realize it. But before to step out and relive that dream, you’ve have to face a particular legal challenge. It’s called getting the ETA from WPC.

What is ETA? It’s Equipment Type Approval.

And, what about WPC? It’s the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing that issues that approval.

So, in short, before you can start importing or selling wireless products, you need WPC ETA Certificate.

And like any other government license, getting it at the exact right time is a challenge. Knowing what you can face in the process of getting ETA certificate for import can help you.

So here we are, presenting you the challenges when getting the ETA License, and how can you overcome them.

Challenge 1 of getting ETA License: Getting in touch with a good RF Testing facility

The very first step of getting the WPC ETA license is getting test report for your wireless product. However, during these times, where everything is considered a business, finding a genuine lab can be difficult. It’s complete possible that in your efforts to find a genuine service provider, you end up meeting a fraud that runs their business through a small shack in some street. If you choose them for cost-efficiency, you’re wrong. It’s the promise of inexpensiveness that doesn’t let many get business licenses.

Solution to this challenge: To overcome this challenge, reach out to business license experts directly. These ETA consultants considered providing WPC ETA approval their bread and butter. That’s why, they are in touch with government approved labs and can get your equipment tested.

Challenge 2 of getting ETA License: Giving the correct description of your product

Understandably, the most complex challenges of getting ETA certificate India comes from the simplest of tasks: description. In clear terms, you have to clearly specify what your product can do, what your product is made of, what are its qualities, what’s its range, and other important details. However, due to nervousness, many applicants can get confused about what to write. In the end, while they provide the right descriptions, they aren’t able to explain them in simple terms. Or sometimes, the explanation that they give can be a bit too simple.

Solution to this challenge: To hit that sweet spot where you’re descriptive about your product you’re using a simple language, you need the help of a content specialist. They understand their audience, which in your case are the department officials.

Challenge 3 of getting ETA License:  Starting a company to become eligible

It’s one of the greatest challenges that many face, but not for the reasons that you might think. Many are unaware that one of the eligibilities of getting ETA certificate for import  of wireless products, is to have a registered company.

Solution to this challenge: The solution to this challenge is the simplest one. Just start a company. In technical terms, you’d call it registering a company. The process is straightforward and a no-nonsense affair. Just get in touch with a Company secretary and get started.

Challenge 4 of getting ETA License:  Application filing

The challenge that comes with the application filing comes in the form of the excruciating details that you have to fill in the application. ETA approval application is notorious for being a bit too technical. So, if you’re just a lay person, you’re out of luck if you think you could file the application on your own.

Solution to this challenge: To get started, reach out to people who can actually help. ETA license experts are chartered accountants and other officials who are well-versed with its details. So, contact them for information that you need.

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Challenge 5 of getting ETA License: Conducting a follow up

The process of getting WPC equipment type approval is one that involves a lot of follow ups. It’s never a guarantee that your application is going to be accepted in one go.  And if by an off chance your application doesn’t get accepted, you might not have the time to do a follow up on your own.

Solution to this challenge: If you can’t do the follow-up, delegate this task to someone else. The people that come under this “someone else” category are the necessary middlemen that help your application go from point A to point B.

Bottom line is, you need assistance

If you’ve been able to read between the lines of the above content, you’d notice that we’ve focused a lot of getting the assistance from someone. It’s not a self-plug or promotion, but the truth. Getting an ETA approval from the government should always involve experts who know how to deal with the whole process. That’s why, focus on reaching out as soon as you have a plan of starting your wireless product business.

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