9 Reasons Why is Trademark Registration Necessary in India?

  • July 27, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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The reasons as to why trademark registration is necessary in India are many. Each of these reasons show the importance of trademark registration as a whole. Furthermore, this necessity further elevates when we take various regions of India into account. Knowing why a registered trademark is so important in such regions is the key to make sure that your business get a chance to grow.

If you have a business and you want to make sure that this business is recognized by the people, you need to have a mark upon it. This mark that represents your trade is the “trademark”. However, much like any intellectual entity, even this can be stolen. What makes the stealing so difficult is trademark registration. With this form of registration, you can guard your mark against the infringers as you can actually take them to court and sue them for financial damages. This registration is the very reason that Pepsi, Coca-cola, Apple and many such global beasts have maintained their supremacy over the business world for so long.

This is the gist of why trademark registration In India is just so important!

Importance of trademark registration:

If you go by what is given only at the start of this blog, you will be able to get the idea of the significance of registering your trademark. However, all this matter does not stop there only. There are other additional perks that are the following:

  1. Once the mark is registered, you would have exclusive rights to that mark at all times.
  2. The protection that this form of registration provides you with holds up for 10 years.
  3. If someone tries to infringe your registered mark, you can easily take them to court and sue them for financial damages.
  4. A registered trademark is an asset for a company. This happens to have a monatory value associated with it. This value can increase with the reputation of the company.
  5. A registered trademark makes your product a little more pronounces to the public.
  6. With registered trademark, you also get the right to grant licenses of that mark to other people for a limited amount of time. This is a mutually beneficial prospect that allows more trade to the one you are granting the license to and you an opportunity to expand your mark.
  7. If you have a registered trademark, then you can actually get access to registration of that trademark in foreign territories on the basis of this.
  8. You can transfer your trademark to other business. This is not available in common law trademark (unregistered trademark).
  9. Depending to the goodwill you can also use your trademark as collateral for financial recompense.
  10. With registration, you will have the right to use the “R” symbol with your trademark.

Importance of trademark registration in the Cities:

  1. Importance of trademark registration in Delhi: Delhi is not merely the capital of India, it also happens to be a hub of opportunity when it comes to the matter of trade. Due to its emphasis of varying culture, it is home to varying products and varying services. Due to this everyone around the nation is attracted to this place. With registration, these opportunists have a way to protect their identity. Trademark registration in Delhi is therefore so important, to make sure that a product's identity is protected.

  2. Importance of trademark registration in Mumbai: being the heart of India, this place is not only culturally and financially the “heart” of the country, it is also the main face of the entertainment sector. Due to this, the amount of services and products this place offers is astounding. This is a land of dreams, where you need to have a unique mark in order to be known and trademark registration is the way to maintain this uniqueness. That is why, Trademark registration in Mumbai is something that you cannot ignore at any cost 

  3. Importance of trademark registration in Kolkata: When you think Kolkata, you think cosplays, technology, Durga Puja and a lot of other things. Each of these entities has trade associated with them and they are so profitable that everyone wants to try them on. To that end, to ensure that you are successful, you need to protect the trademark that you have chosen. This protection will be provided to you if you apply for trademark registration in Kolkata.

  4. Importance of trademark registration in Chennai: Chennai is a place with so much variance that one can forget that it is the very place that is considered to be the most intelligent in the nation. This place has everything in terms of technology and entertainment and almost everything when it comes to culture. And the place where there is an abundance of all these facets, trade opportunities seem to be a lot as well. These opportunities dictate that you protect your mark so that you have a chance to be known. That is why, trademark registration in Chennai holds so much importance.  

  5. Importance of Trademark registration in Bangalore: Bangalore is a place where several tech companies are popping courtesy of this place being the silicon valley of the country. There are any aspirants that want to make their mark. Trademark registration gives them a chance to be able to grow without being infringed by anyone. If you want this growth, you need to get trademark registration in Bangalore

You might have noticed that all the points are pretty much the same. However, these are not the only regions that you can registration your trademark in. Trademark registration also has the advantages in places such as Chandigarh, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Noida, Pune, Jaipur, Kanpur etc. 


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