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Trademark Registration Delhi

The only way to grow in business is through the protection of your business identity. This is done through trademark registration. So contact Registrationwala and apply for trademark registration in Delhi Today.

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Trademark Registration in Delhi

Online Trademark Registration New Delhi

If you are looking for expansion of your company or brand in Delhi, you want people to know you. In order for that to happen, you have to make sure that you can be uniquely identified. For this purpose, there is no identification greater than trademark. Trademark Registration in Delhi online is not that big deal if you are looking for it.

Why to Register a Trademark?

trademark can be anything from a symbol, logo, design, to an expression that when put on a product, identifies its source uniquely. It is this symbol informs the masses that the product they are using is created by you. Furthermore, as a company asset, it cannot be copied by any other organization.  However, this mark is always at a vulnerable position of getting stolen. Therefore, trademark registering it is necessary to provide it with appropriate protection so that there is not even a slight chance of compromise. The most prominent trademark registration agents in Delhi suggest that only through proper branding protection there is a chance of business growth.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Delhi

Delhi is a land ripe with opportunities where products of same nature have found several names. Therefore, in order for you to be distinguished, you need to put a mark upon it. Therefore, it is best if you apply for trademark registration. However, for this purpose, you are going the following documents:

For Individuals/Start-up:  

Name and address proof of the applicant 

If you are claiming that priority over the mark, you need to provide proof of the prior uses of the mark. 

A signed copy of TM-48(Power of Attorney). We will provide this document to you.  

A start-up certificate (if the applicant is a start=up company)

For proprietorship firm:

Registration proof of the proprietorship firm.

If you are claiming priority over the mark, you need to provide proof of the prior uses of the mark. 

A signed copy of TM-48(Power of Attorney) with the stamp of the firm. We will provide this document to you.  

Company with MSME (Medium Small Enterprises)

MSME certificate

If you are claiming priority over the mark, you need to provide proof of the prior uses of the mark. 

A signed copy of TM-48(Power of Attorney) with the stamp of the firm. We will provide this document to you. 

Process of Trademark Registration in Delhi

When it comes to registering the trademark, the regulations that pertain to Delhi are same as everywhere else. The trademark registration process in Delhi entails the following steps:

Identification of the mark: Before you go on and apply for registration, you need to make sure of the mark that you are choosing. In this step, you are going to design the logo or the mark and going to make sure that it adheres to all the necessary standards set forth by the Trademark act 1999. To be precise, make sure it is not a copy, is unique, and is ethical. Once you have managed all these points, you are ready to take your mark to the next step.

Searching for availability: Now, in order to make sure that the mark you have chosen adheres to the guidelines of the Trademark act 1999, it is necessary for you to get to a trademark agent and make them check for the availability of trademark. There are two modes for you to do this sort of verification: online and offline. Now, this step is going to be iterative, for you might have to redesign the mark until it’s fully unique and follows all the necessary regulations.  In addition to that, to conduct a proper search, you are going to need the assistance of trademark registration consultants in Delhi.

Going through the Vienna Codification: There are around 45 different classes of trademarks. The Vienna codification is process to ascertain under which class does your mark falls into. Once you have accumulated the documents and applied for the trademark, the application and the mark will first be sent for the codification process. After the codification process, you can use “TM” in front of your trademark

The final Step (final application to the trademark office): This final step is also the most scrutinizing one. It means that once the final application reaches the trademark office, it will have all of the details that will include the mark, the applicant details, the class etc. and the trademark office will then check each and every aspect of the mark. Now at this step, the mark can easily be rejected by the officer and you would need to re-apply for the process again. Once the mark is accepted, it is posted in the trademark journal for about 2 to 3 months. This time period is to allow the trademark to be acceptable within the eyes of the common people. If there are any objections from the people’s end, a hearing will take place and depending on the subsequent results, you will either be allowed to put an “R” after your logo or not. If there are no objections, you can employ this “R” sign to your trademark right away.

The first three steps are there for the experts or you to handle. That being said, there are several intricacies here that we haven’t discussed, like trademark objection, trademark reply or trademark opposition. Therefore, you should get the help of the experts. All it will cost you is a nominal trademark registration fees in Delhi and you can leave the rest of the matter to our experts.

Trademark Registration Fee in Delhi

INR 6,499 /- Exclusive of GST, No hidden Charges

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class

INR 10,999 /- Exclusive of GST

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class


Trademark For Individual/Startups

INR 6,499 /-

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Trademark For Company/Partnership/LLP

INR 10,999 /-

Govt. Fee Included

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Trademark Registration in Just 3 Days

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