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Trademark Registration in Chennai

Secure your mark in the business world

If you want the customers to know that you are the provider of their services, you need to protect your marl. At Registrationwala, you can do just that with trademark registration.

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Trademark Registration in Chennai

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Chennai is the place of beaches, business and a lot of opportunities. To that end, it is home to several products that are essentially the same, but have different quality. Therefore, in order to distinguish yourself among them, you need to protect the symbol that signifies your product. To do so, you need to apply for trademark registration in Chennai. This is the best decision you would ever make to make your brand more recognizable to the people.

Why Trademark Registration is Important?

Trademark is any symbol, shape, name and anything else that signifies your product. However, in this world where rat race is a norm, opportunists are not afraid to lie or steal on their way to the heights of business success. To that end, your mark can be stolen. Trademark registration is a process that will provide you with the sole right of your symbol and will put a stop on any attempt to copy it.  Therefore, in order to protect the symbol that signifies your service, registration is important.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

When it comes to Chennai, the documents required for the purpose of trademark registration as similar to what is present across the rest of the nation. Therefore, along with the mark that you want to register, you would need the following documents:

If you are an individual/Start-up

  1.  You would need an ID and address proof
  2. The start-up certificate issues by the government of India.
  3. A singed TM-48 form (power of attorney) which will be provided by our officers.
  4. In case you already have been using the mark, you would have to provide the proof and the date of prior usage.

If you own a proprietorship company or a partnership company

  1. Registration proof of proprietorship or deed of partnership
  2. ID proof, Name and the address proof of the company.
  3.  A duly signed Tm-48 form (power of attorney) which is to be stamped with name of our company.

If you own an MSME (medium or small scale enterprise)

  1. MSME certificate from the government
  2. Name, Id and address proof of the applicant.
  3. A duly signed TM-48 which should also have the stamp of your company.

How to Register Your Trademark in Chennai?

The entire matter of trademark registration in Chennai is consistent with the regulations of the rest of the country. To that end, this process involves the following 4 steps:

  1. Mark identification:

Firstly, you have to identify the symbol that you want to employ. While you are doing that, expect scrutiny in the subsequent steps. Therefore, it is better to be a bit knowledgeable about the trademark act of 1999. However, we can’t expect you to do all the heavy lifting. To that end, make sure that you mark is clear, honest, concise and most importantly, unique.

  1. Checking the availability of the mark:

Once you have designed the mark on your own, you got to ask the trademark agent to put the mark through the paces of availability. In this step, it is to be ascertained as to whether the mark is available or not. Your trademark agent will check this thing online or offline and if there are some discrepancies, they are dealt with iteratively.

  1. The Vienna codification process:

Now, your application will be filed and once you apply it, it goes through a process called the Vienna codification. During this process, your mark will be classified under the Vienna code. There are about 45 classes and your mark will fall under one. After the codification, you can begin using the “TM” suffix with your symbol.

  1. The final step of scrutiny:

In this step, the complete application with the mark and the class is then forwarded to the trademark officer, who will then proceed to put it under a microscope of regulations to check if there are any discrepancies. If there are, you will be given a notice and you have to rectify all the errors. If not, the mark will be posted in the trademark journal. During this step, your symbol will be in the eyes of the public, giving them a chance to raise objection. If nothing happens for the next 3 to 4 months, your trademark will be registered. After this, you can begin using the “R” suffix with your trademark.

The entire ordeal of trademark registration might be off-putting to some. However, with the aid of Registrationwala, you won’t to do any of the heavy lifting, just bring your symbol to us and get everything else sorted out.  

Trademark Registration Fees in Chennai

INR 6,499 /- Exclusive of GST, No hidden Charges

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class

INR 10,999 /- Exclusive of GST

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class


Trademark For Individual/Startups

INR 6,499 /-

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Trademark For Company/Partnership/LLP

INR 10,999 /-

Govt. Fee Included

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