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Trademark Registration in Bangalore

If you want to make sure that people know that the brand they are using is made by you, you need to register the trademark

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TM Registration Online in Bangalore

Trademark Registration Online in Bangalore

Bangalore, a place that is also known as the silicon valley of India, is a ripe ground for many products. Therefore, it is paramount that your brand remains known and distinguished. Trademark registration is one way to do that. By doing this, people who use your brand will know about you and through proper registration, you can prevent anyone else from slandering your brand as well.

Why to Register Trademarks?

A trademark is a unique identifier for your brand. Through this mark, the customers or the individuals using the brand will know about its manufacturer. However, if it is not properly protected, anyone can indeed steal this mark and when that happens, your product might take some slander. Therefore, the registration process of trademark in Bangalore is important to prevent your symbol from getting plagiarized.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

Bangalore is a place that entails a large product line of several national and international companies. That being said, the documents and the process of trademark registration remains the same. Following are the documents that you will need to do that:

If you are either an individual or a start-up:

  1.  You will need a start-up certificate.
  2. Your name, ID proof and address proof
  3. A duly signed TM-48(power of attorney) that our team will provide you with.
  4. If you are looking for registration on the basis of prior use, you need to provide proof and the date of its usage.

If you own a proprietorship

  1. Registration proof of the proprietorship.
  2. Name, ID proof and address proof of the applicant.
  3. A duly signed and firm stamped TM-48(Power of Attorney) that you can provide.

If you own a medium or small scale enterprise (MSME)

  1. MSME certificate that is provided by the government.
  2. The name, ID proof and address proof of the applicant.
  3. Duly signed TM-48, which should also have a stamp of your firm.

You will need all of these articles along with the logo, symbol or any other mark that you want to register.

How to Register the Trademark in Bangalore?

Fortunately, when it comes to the process of trademark registration, it is the same for Bangalore as any other region in the nation. The process of trademark registration involves the following 4 steps:

  1. Identifying the mark: The first step to registration is selecting the correct mark to represent your company. Now remember that a mark can by anything from shape, symbol, word or anything else. However, you need to take in account that the symbol you are going to submit will be going through all sorts of scrutiny. Therefore, it is better if you check that it follows through with all the rules and regulations that the Trademark act of 1999 set up.
  2. Check if the mark is available:  You now would have to give this mark to the trademark agent who will then check if the trademark is available. This can be done either online or offline. However, this process is a bit rinse and repeat. Meaning that you would have to work out each and every discrepancy of the mark each time there is an issue.
  3. The codification process; Your mark would then be taken through the Vienna codification process the mark would be classified under one of 45 trademark classes. Once classified, you can use the “TM” symbol with your mark.
  4. The final step: During this step, the complete application would be forwarded to the registrar office where the application and the mark would be put under scrutiny. If there are no errors, it would be forwarded to the trademark journal. Through the journal, the public will be given access to the trademark to see if there are any objections. This process goes on for 3 to 4 months. If there are no issues, you would be awarded the registration and can then use the “R” symbol with your mark.

The process of trademark registration is long and can be quite daunting. However, if you are willing, you can ask Registrationwala for assistance and your application will be put on a fast track.

Trademark Registration Fees in Bangalore

INR 6,499 /- Exclusive of GST, No hidden Charges

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class

INR 10,999 /- Exclusive of GST

Free Trademark Name Search Application Filing in One Class


Trademark For Individual/Startups

INR 6,499 /-

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Trademark For Company/Partnership/LLP

INR 10,999 /-

Govt. Fee Included

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