What are the Documents Required for Design Registration?

  • February 16, 2019
  • Registrationwala
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The first step of the design registration process is to collect the documents required and file the application, and this step is the most important one. The documents, when attached correctly, are going to ensure that the application for design registration is accepted. This blog details the requirements of design Registration.

Design Registration: The documents that you are going to need

Following are the documents that you are going to need to attach along with the application for design Registration:

  1. Details of the application: The applicant’s details include the name of the applicant, and the address and the citizenship of the applicant. The documents that are required to prove the correctness of this information is:
    1. ID proof of the applicant: Voter ID, Aadhar ID, Driving License, PAN Card.
    2. Address Proof of the applicant: Bank statements of the last 6 months, any o the utility bills.
  2. Name and classification of the article:  A design is a visual feature of the article (any product). Therefore, you need to input the name of the article and the class of the article (refer to Locarno index to understand the class of the article)

Note: The Locarno Index contains 32 classes, with Class 1-31 being well defined and Class-99 is for miscellaneous.

  1. Representations of the design: In this document, you are going to need to present the designs using drawing or photographs. These drawings or photographs should show the different views of the design from different angles. You are only allowed to put your designs on an A4 sheet.
  2. Details of the priority, you are claiming priority to the design: If you are trying to register a design that has already been registered, or you are competing for the registration for the same design, then you have to provide evidence that you came up with the design first. This documents you are going to require here are:
    1. Name of the priority country and the inter-governmental organization you applied for the design.
    2. The date of filing the priority application.
  3. Assignment details, if applicable: The details of the design assignment should also be provided if applicable by providing a Certified Copy of Assignment. The assignment should be attested by a Notary public and the Patent Office of the priority country.

You need to take special care when attaching the above-mentioned documents. Once you file the application along with the correct attached documents, the chances of design registration without encountering objection is pretty high.

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