HACCP Certification Process in India

  • October 10, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Food is the most important entity that is ingrained in our lives. There was a time, when eating food was merely meant for survival. As time went by, we started to have preference of taste. The more knowledge we earned, the more we inclined about the quality of food as well. At this point in time, food safety is the biggest concern for everyone. Therefore, as a Food Business Operator, it is your duty to ensure and certify that the food safety is right. How to certify it? Well, you will understand it once you understand HACCP certification process in India.

Getting HACCP Certification

Making sure that the people know that food safety system that your business manages is right and also a certification for it is a considerate thing to consider. However, getting HACCP certification in India is easier said than done. While there are simple matters of submitting the application along with the required documents, there are other matters to consider as well. These matters or factors make you eligible to get the certification that you need:

  1. Doing a complete analysis of the hazards that are associated with the biological, or physical food hazards
  2. Determining which critical points of food production, storage and preservation are to be controlled
  3. Establishing what should be the right time and the right temperature for cooking
  4. Making sure that the corrective measures are taken properly in case of issues. 
  5. Also making sure that the HACCCP system is working properly. 
  6. Keeping the records of every food related documentation in the establishment.

Now these are the things that an FBO need to be compliant with in order to get the certification. In order to prove it, there are also HACCP certification requirements that you need to concern yourself with. The process of certification entails the following three steps:

  1. Application submission along with the documents required
  2. The governing body assesses that application
  3. If everything checks out, you get the certification.

Once you have gotten the certification, you will be able to show off that the food products are well protected in your care. 

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