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  • February 22, 2023
  • Registrationwala
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This article will specifically talk about the registration of manufacturers, packers as well as importers as per the regulations of the Legal Metrology Packaging Registration rules. Let us look at them one by one. 


Who can apply for Legal Metrology Packaging Registration in India?

Entities, such as the following, which pre-pack or import a commodity for the purpose of sales, distribution or delivery must make the requisite LMPC application along with the fee of 500 Rs.:

  • Individual
  • Firm
  • Hindu undivided family
  • Society
  • Company 
  • Corporation

Such an application must be addressed to the Director/Controller for the name and address registration. The Legal Metrology Registration application shall be made in each of the following cases:

  • The applicant is involved in pre-packing or importing of a commodity at the commencement of LMPC rules within ninety days
  • The applicant is involved in pre-packing or importing a commodity after the commencement of the LMPC rules, within ninety days from the date of pre-packing

Details of the Legal Metrology Registration Application filing

The LMPC application must contain the following particulars for successful registration with the Department of Legal Metrology:

  • Name of the Applicant organization
  • Complete Address of the Premises of the pre-packing or import facility for one or more commodities
  • Name of the commodity(s) pre-packed or imported by the applicant Firm

To alter an already-issued registration certificate, the registered manufacturer, packer or importer must pay a fee of Rs. 100 in the name of the Director or Controller of the LMD Department.


Assessment of the Legal Metrology Registration Application 

On receipt of the LMPC application, the Director or the Controller, as the Registering Authority, are obligated to the following actions:

  • If the submitted application is not complete in certain respects, then the Director can return the same to the applicant within seven working days from the receipt of the LMPC application
  • If the submitted application is complete in all respects, then the Director will register the applicant and grant the requisite registration certificate to the LMA applicant


Registration of permissible Shorter Address 

The LMD has provisions for a manufacturer or packer to apply to the Director of the LMD for the registration of a shorter address. It will supplement the complete address registration referred to in the rules of the Legal Metrology Packaging Registration Act. 

The Director can, on satisfaction after the inquiry of the shorter address for it to be sufficient enough in enabling the consumer to identify the manufacturer/packer, register the shorter address. If a shorter address is registered by the Controller, it becomes lawful for the manufacturer/packer to state the registered address on the label of each pre-packed commodity.


Details of Manufacturers and Packers Registration 

The Director/Controller will enter in a Register for maintenance of the name and complete address of each manufacturer or packer by whom the requisite LMPC registration application has been made. The register must be open to the inspection to public without fee payment for access.


Compilation of Manufacturers/Packers and its Circulation

The Director/Controller of the LMD Department must compile a State-wise list of the registered manufacturers and packers as per rule 29 of the LMA Act. They are also liable to circulate the such list to the Controller of each State. Such a move will enable the Controller to take samples at the premises of the manufacturer and the packer.

To know further about the LMPC registration procedure, contact the Legal Metrology Experts at Registrationwala. If you are already a licensed manufacturer near its expiry, you can also apply for online license renewal services for Legal Metrology License at Registrationwala. 





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