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  • January 13, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Logo Registration Fees as per the Government Directives

The Logo Registration fees of filing the application varies on the enterprise filing for the Trademark Logo Registration procedure. Let us take the example for each entity one by one:

 Corporate Entities, such as a Company/LLP/Partnership/Trust

 The trademark or Logo registration fee is INR 9000/-.

 For Startups/Individual Entities

 The trademark or Logo registration fee is INR 4500/-. 


With Trademark Registration, there are many matters that you need to concern yourself with. First, there is the gathering of the document, then there is the matter of filing the application, then there is the matter of making sure that the application that you have filed is the right one and there are hurdles that you have to deal with.

 Now, to deal with the application filing and the other matters, you need to know about Logo Registration Fees in India. Why? The reason for this is simple; there is no registration process that does not require the aid of the professionals.


Application Process for Logo Registration

Trademark Logo registration process is not a simple one. Therefore, you can expect that you would need professional assistance throughout the registration process. Let us go through this process and see where the fees might be needed and how much will it cost you:


Trademark Search

 It is a process to see as to whether the Trademark is available to registration or not. This matter happens to be a mere consultation. To that end, the professionals who do the searching won’t ask for you anything. 


Application Filing for Trademark Registration

 In this application, there are many things that are needed to taken care for. These things include the trademark class, the proper representation of your mark, the documents that are attached and others. This is the job for a professional as a digital signature is needed to file the application.

Now, when you combine the signature and the intricacy of the application, you can expect to pay up some cost. These costs might be very high. However, there is one trademark registration office where the costs are kept at a minimum. To know more about the registration fee, connect with our IPR experts.


Procedure in case an Objection is raised

Once the application has been submitted, it is checked for any sort of error. If the trademark registrar founds any issue, they can put a Trademark Objection upon it. In India, there is about a 60% chance that a trademark application can be objected to. If there is a case of objection a reply is needed to be filed. Now, the reply entails an extra cost associated with it.

 To know the cost of filing a reply to the raised Trademark, connect with our IPR experts.

Now, if the trademark registration office is Registrationwala, you can expect that there won’t be any need for a Trademark Hearing, and the application will be accepted. Once the application is accepted, the Trademark is published in the journal for a span of 4 months. 


Procedure in case an Opposition is Filed

During these 4 months, there can be trademark opposition toward your mark. Now, you can expect for there to be no opposition. However, if there were to be one, then a reply to that opposition is needed to be filed. Dealing with opposition is a multi-staged process and it can take some time and can be costly. However, Registrationwala focuses on quality rather than cost.

Therefore, to know the cost of filing a reply to the raised Trademark opposition, connect with our IPR experts.

The opposition can go on for months. Then, if it is unsuccessful, the matter has to be met in court. However, if you are with Registrationwala, the reply will be appropriate enough that no further hearing might be needed. 

You should be aware of these respective fees associated with the Trademark Logo Registration procedure. So now, what are you waiting for, if you own a mark, apply for its registration today. 



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