What is the Auditing Process of ISO?

  • July 22, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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If you want to acquire an ISO certification, then you might be pretty much aware of its process. It involves the implementation of TAAC: which is an acronym for the following:

  1. Training: Through training, you are going to get the understanding of how to imply the ISO standard that you have opted for
  2. Application: You submit the application to the body that provides the certification.
  3. Assessment: The documents of the application and the company itself are then inspected by an auditor.
  4. Certification: If you application is accepted, the certification shall be given to you.

As you can imagine, the main hook of the entire process is auditing. It is only the auditing that can be counted as a trial by fire for the certification process to go through.

Types of Auditing

There are three types of Auditing processes that are used in ISO certification. However, the same resonate to other Certifications as well.

  1. Product Audit: This type of auditing verifies the quality of a particular product or Service. The evaluation is to done see as to whether they are conforming to the requirements:
    1. Specifications
    2. Performance Standards
    3.  Customer requirements
  2. Process Audit: This is the audit to evaluate the processes within the establishment limits. This sort of auditing process checks the standards of process against the predetermined instructions. Through this process of auditing, the auditor may:
    1. Check if the requirements of time, temperature, accuracy, compositions etc. are met
    2. Check the resources that are involved with the process
    3. Check the efficiency of the process controls.
  3. System Audit: This is the audit that is conducted upon the management systems. All the ISO certifications that fall under management systems need to go through this form of audit. The systems are evaluated to see if they meet the confirming standards properly:
    1. Quality management system auditing (ISO 9001:2015 certification has this system as the cornerstone)
    2. Environment management system auditing
    3. Food safety system audit
    4. Safety System audit

Types of Auditing on the basis of auditor types

On the basis of type of auditor, there are 3 kinds of audits

  1. The first party Audit:
    1. It is performed within the organization
    2. It measures the internal strength and weaknesses against the external ones
    3. It is conducted by an auditor that is appointed by the company
  2. The Second party Audit:
    1. It is called external auditing
    2. It is performed by a customer on a supplier
    3. The contracted organization can be the customer
    4. They are subject to the rules of contract laws
    5. They are more formal kind of auditing
  3. The Third Party Audit:
    1. It is conducted by an audit organization
    2. It is an independent organization
    3. There is no conflict of interest involved
    4. This is the type of audit that leads to ISO certification.

Phases of Auditing:

  1. Audit preparation:
    1. Everything is done in advanced by the interested parties
    2. It is a preparation stage
  2. Audit performance:
    1. It is basically a fieldwork to investigate the conformance
    2. It is a data gathering portion
    3. On site audit management is done during this phase
  3. Audit reporting: 
    1. It communicates the result of the investigation
    2. The report provides clear data to aid the management of the company
    3. The process of auditing can end here
  4. Audit follow-up:
    1. It comes after the reporting
    2. It is a follow up investigation
    3. It ensures that proper measures are taken after the reporting
    4. It is an optional phase

This is all that you need to know about the ISO certification auditing. For more information about it, you can contact us and we can also aid you in getting the ISO certification.

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