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  • March 18, 2024
  • Dushyant Sharma
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A consulting firm employs consultants which offer consulting services. Such consultants can help individuals or companies with strategies, solutions for solving problems and planning for business growth. Have you been browsing the internet to learn about the top 10 consulting firms in India? Your search ends here. This article mentions only the best consulting firms in India. 


This article will guide you on what a Top consulting firm in India is, what it does, and which consulting firms are the best in the country.

About The Consulting Firm

So basically, a consulting firm is a firm consisting of experts in the business field. These experts assist organizations that are not too sure about how to solve their problems by offering advice, guidance and practical solutions to them. Consulting firms are hired to solve problems which are faced by every organization. Almost every industry has consulting firms relevant to its requirements. Even in the public sector, there are consulting firms for finance, healthcare, advertisement, engineering, technology, architecture, etc.

1. Registrationwala

Located in Delhi, Registrationwala is one of the best consulting firms available in India. It started its operations back in 2013 and emerged as one of India’s best consulting firms to provide compliance and registration services to local and international businesses. This consulting firm was brought into existence from the mind of a CA with technical inclination with a special focus on legal services. With a client base of more than 15000 individuals and entities, Registrationwala is dedicated to provide services which help the emerging entrepreneurs in the country. It provides the best consulting services which are guided by the highest standards of businesses and dedication. 


Registrationwala specializes in the following areas:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Trademark 
  • Compliances
  • Financial Management
  • Registrations
  • GST
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Advice
  • Advisory Services
  • Litigation Services
  • Tax Filing
  • ARAI
  • EV battery
  • FMCS
  • ISI
  • Insurance
  • PRO
  • E-waste
  • BEE
  • BEE approvals
  • BIS Safety certification
  • Telecom testing and certification
  • Consulting



2. McKinsey and Company India LLP

Established in 2013, McKinsey & Company India LLP is a globally recognized management consulting firm which offers strategic advice across various industries in India. This firm provides consulting services to the leading corporations, governments and social institutions for optimizing salesforce effectively to creating innovative business models. It has expertise in sustainability, strategy and operations, digital and organizational transformation and attracts clients from various sectors such as banking, healthcare, telecom and consumer goods. This firm helps clients to overcome challenges and is positioned as a trusted advisor by many.



3. The Boston Consulting Group India Private Limited

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was founded in the United States in 1963. In 1995, it established its India arm. Today, there are 7 BCG offices with over 500 employees. This consulting firm provides consulting services regarding strategies, operations, technology and digital transformation. It serves some of the leading corporations and private equity firms in the country. It has expertise in sectors such as consumer goods, healthcare and Information Technology (IT). It has in-depth expertise in the industries which helps to create a lasting impact for the clients.



4. Ernst and Young India Private Limited

Ernest and Young India was established in 1989 and ranks among the leading consulting firms in India. It offers a comprehensive range of services in assurance, strategy, tax, transactions, and consulting. It supports not only the established players but also the emerging companies when it comes to financial services, tax compliance, risk management, restructuring, energy, digital transformation and technology.



5. KPMG India Private Limited

Since its establishment in 1993, KPMG India Private Limited has been a leading consulting firm which provides services related to tax, audit, risk management and advisory services. It serves both the local and multinational companies across different industries when it comes to infrastructure, technology and financial services. It is popular for having deep knowledge in renewable energy and financial services. It is considered as one of most trusted consulting firms in India for seeking strategic guidance and sustainable growth.



6. Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968. It is an IT services and consulting firm which is well known for its service portfolio. It offers strategic consulting, IT solutions and enterprise services. It aims to empower businesses that are a part of telecom, banking and manufacturing industries. TCS operates in 150 locations in 46 countries and has over 616,000 employees across the world.


The firm’s primary specialization and expertise lies in customized software packages. TCS belongs to the Tata Group, which is one of India’s largest conglomerates that consists of over 95 companies across 6 continents. Forbes, in 2015, ranked TCS as 64th in Forbes World’s most innovative companies which made it the top Indian company and the highest-ranked IT services company. It became the first Indian IT company to cross $100 in market capitalization in 2018.



7. Bain and Company India Private Limited

Bain and Company was founded in 1973 and comes with 40 years of experience in dealing with local as well as international clients. Its list of services include strategy, organization, operations, M&A and private equity across diverse industries. This firm caters to a broad category of clients that are looking for growth and transformation which includes CEOs at global MNCs and large Indian businesses. It focuses on high growth sectors such as technology, consumer goods and healthcare.



8. Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited

Deloitte Consulting India is one of the leading management consulting firms in India. It was established in 1995. It provides consulting services such as strategy and operations, risk advisory, financial advisory and human capital management. It empowers clients across various industries like technology, financial services and consumer goods. Deloitte is recognized as one of leading consulting firms owing to its commitment to client success and its innovative approach when it comes to solving problems faced by entities.




9. Accenture India Private Limited

Accenture India was established in the year 2000. It offers strategy and consulting, technology and operations through advanced technology. It serves diverse industries with its expertise in banking, financial services, media and technology and healthcare. Accenture’s expertise in cloud, cybersecurity, digital engineering, data & AI and sustainability is well leveraged by the clients belonging to the fortune 500 companies to innovative startups. Accenture comes with a long history of success. 




10. Indigo Consulting

Indigo Consulting is one of the leading digital business consulting firms in India and has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Vietnam. It offers services such as digital consulting, platform, marketing, sustainability and content production services. It collaborates with different fields such as banking, finance, hotels, media and entertainment, cars, consumer goods and telecom. 




A consulting firm consists of experts in the business field that assist various companies in problem-solving by offering advice, guidance and practical solutions. Consulting firms are hired to solve problems which are faced by every organization. Almost every industry has consulting firms relevant to its requirements. Even in the public sector, there are consulting firms for finance, healthcare, advertisement, engineering, technology and architecture. Connect with the Registrationwala now and achieve new business heights by consulting with our experts!


Disclaimer: This article is based on our personal opinion and does not represent views of the general public, institutions or organizations.

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