Darpan ID Is Optional Now For NGOs

  • June 19, 2021
  • Registrationwala
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For NGOs who seek to get access to foreign donations, FCRA had made it mandatory that they register themselves with the online Darpan portal. Through this registration, the goal was to make the NGO’s:

  1. More accountable
  2. More transparent
  3. More Focused
  4. More efficient regarding charity matters.

However, not everyone sees it like that. While the perks associated with online registration are quite evident, it is considered quite a hassle to register themselves online because of lack of access for some of the NGOs out there.

In the decision that brought a smile to the faces of Such NGO’s the Union Home Ministry has announced this

The non-governmental organizations no longer need to register themselves with the Niti Aayog’s Website anymore to avail foreign donations.

 With this decision, the Darpan ID generated through the portal is now considered to be an optional choice.

Previously, this online registration was necessary with the following documents needed to be provided online:

  1. PAN number
  2. Email account
  3. Mobile number
  4. Name of the functionary of the company
  5. Management information.

While all of this information was considered a necessity, for many, it was considered an invasion of privacy. Therefore, to tackle this issue, the registrations have been made optional.

“For those NGO’s that have already gone through the registration, there are no downsides”- added the official. They can present the Darpan Identification Number if they seek the FCRA registration.

However, it is to be reminded that without DARPAN identification, obtaining certain grants, subsidies and contributions might be a big issue, as nothing has been said about it yet.  

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