How Does one register for the ETA WPC Certificate with DoT?

  • December 09, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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WPC License or a Wireless Planning Commission license is the legal permit issued to import and sell wireless products in the country. It is a license made mandatory and issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Department of Telecommunication (DoT). With the massive influx of wireless telecom products in the country, moving towards self-reliance, we must ensure the quality of the telecom equipment imported from a foreign establishment. But, some imported wireless products cannot be replaced. These are quality wireless products that are affordable as well as accessible for an everyday consumer, for which you can arrange the WPC ETA certificate for your business. 


WPC ETA Certificate 

A WPC ETA Approval certificate is an authorization issued to a business or an individual who seeks to manufacture, import, sell or use the wireless equipment in the country. These products need Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from the WPC wing. The Department of Telecommunication oversees FSM (Frequency Spectrum Management).

The procurement of a WPC ETA approval is based on whether the manufacturer is domestic or foreign:

·         Foreign Manufacturer: An Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) will file for the ETA WPC certificate for import on behalf of the manufacturer. 

·         Domestic Manufacturer: ETA is essential for the wireless Product used in the delicensed bands. 


ETA WPC Certificate is necessary for Telecom Products

Major telecom wireless products require Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) ETA Approval certificate. The WPC issues the ETA certificate for the wireless products that work in the delicensed bands. 

The most common telecom products to get a WPC certificate are:

·         Bluetooth products: WPC certificates for Bluetooth products. It's a wireless way to connect one piece of equipment to another.

·         Drones: Equipment Type Approval for drones is a new requirement in the country. Therefore, you need the DoT WPC equipment type approval to import a drone into the country.


WPC ETA Approval Certification Process

Following are the points that you need to consider before going through the WPC certification process:

Seek Consultation 

Firstly, there are some exceptions to wireless products that don't require WPC certification. Therefore, consult a telecom expert before filing for the license application.

RF Testing of the Product

Secondly, test the Product (s) with Radio Frequency tests and analyze its ability to operate on an unlicensed band. Through RF testing, we can know the range of radio transmission of the Product.

Furnish the required Documents

Afterwards, prepare and compile the aforementioned required documents. In addition, the authenticity of the submitted documents becomes the deciding factor in procuring a WPC ETA license.

Application Filing and Processing Fee Payment

Lastly, submit the online application with the requisite documents and pay the WPC ETS license registration processing fee through the portal.

Application Submission and Assessment

Finally, submit the hard copy of the application and the document offline. After the submission, the Department overseeing the ETA license will do the following:

·         Scrutinize the application

·         Verify the documents

·         Grant you the ETA WPC certificate


Documentation for WPC certification application

The applicant must submit the following documents along with the WPC ETA license registration application to the Department of Telecommunications:

·         Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company

·         Copy of the PAN Card of the applicant company

·         Radio Frequency test report of the concerned Product from a NABL Accredited lab

·         A detailed description of the Product (s) to be imported, sold or distributed

·         Online license registration processing fee

·         Authorization letter from the applicant allowing a Telecom expert to apply on your behalf.

·         A Power of Attorney

An undertaking that authenticates the information entered in the application form. This self-declaration for your Product defines the obedience to restrictions set by the WPC wing of the DoT.


Seek Registrationwala for the WPC License

The WPC ETA consultant at Registrationwala can cover many grounds for you to register for a WPC certificate. Also, the WPC certificate format requires one to be thorough with what they are looking for. Furthermore, the registration process is quite complex and not understandable to the general audience. So, reach out to us to know more about WPC ETA certificates.

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