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  • January 13, 2023
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What does TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Centre) mean?

Telecommunication Engineering Center is an organisation responsible for issuing TEC certificates for telecom equipment. The authority reports to the Telecom Commission and Nodal Agencies, namely the Department of Telecommunications, the Ministry of Communications, and Information Technology, who are in charge of developing the standards, specifications, and requirements for telecom networks, products, and services.

The TEC Certification procedure has been a voluntary procedure since 1991. However, the Mandatory Testing Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) Act has been implemented gradually in accordance with the No. 10-1/2017-IT/TEC/ER that went into effect in 2019.

What is the importance of TEC Certificate?

To guarantee the end-to-end users' safety, the TEC certificate Number is crucial. Additionally, it reduces the equipment's radio frequency emissions to protect the health and safety of users and the general public.

The significance of the telecommunication engineering centre certificate extends beyond user and public safety. However, it also prevents telecom equipment from impairing the functionality of other equipment. The certificate, as seen, verifies that telecom goods adhere to the relevant national and international norms and regulations.


Types of TEC Registration


1.Type Approval

The Generic Requirement (GR) standard, which is arranged according to the functional equipment type, is used to determine if TEC type approval is granted. Additionally, Type Approval calls for local telecom testing, as well as possible environmental and EMC testing.

2. Interface Approval

Interface Requirements (IR) standards, which are created by functional equipment types and often describe network interfaces, are the foundation upon which telecommunication engineering centre Interface Approval is granted.

3. BSNL TSEC (Technical Specification Evaluation Certification)

Since it requires actions like laboratory testing of the equipment's functioning, environmental testing, and infrastructure evaluation to obtain the BSNL TSEC clearance, obtaining a BSNL TSEC certificate is a cumbersome procedure.

Additionally, the Process does more than only follow the method in order to receive the BSNL TSEC clearance. But it could possibly have some extra specifications.

Documentation For Procuring TEC Certificate Online

  • Names of the product, the brand, and its model number are included.
  • The proof of the production unit must be addressed.
  • Replicas of trademarks are prohibited, and if the production facility is not the owner of the brand, you must provide a letter of consent from the owner.
  • Samples of the items like vade macum and equipment to utilize the product continuously, must be supplied in order to complete the Process.
  • Elements of the equipment's safety-critical components.
  • Circuit schematic and PCB design for the apparatus.
  • Bill of Material (BoM).
  • Series model details.
  • Relevant details of the Authorized Indian Representative if the applicant is a foreign manufacturer (AIR).

TEC Certificate Registration Procedure 

  • Online portal generation on the MTCTE portal requires registration in order to receive login information.
  • Submission of a TEC certificate registration application together with all necessary paperwork the applicant can register online, complete all required fields, and send all necessary files to the MTCTE site. Once submitted, the papers can no longer be modified.
  • Examining the application: Telecommunication engineering centre will assess the supporting documentation, notifying the applicant of any shortcomings. The applicant's registration will be approved following the correction of any errors, at which point the applicant can submit applications for testing/certification.
  • Application submission for testing and certification: The applicant must submit the BoM and datasheet of the equipment to the portal, choose the product to be certified, its variant information, information about available interfaces, and, if applicable, information about accompanying models.
  • The manufacturer(s) of the telecom or ICT equipment being certified, along with their addresses and phone numbers, must also be provided by the applicant.
  • The applicant will be provided the relevant certification scheme, ER, and money payable after submitting their application. The exam cost must be paid by the applicant.
  • Product testing: On the testing page of the MTCTE site, the applicant can choose the CAB of his or her choosing. A designated or acknowledged Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) of an MRA partner nation must conduct tests on telecom/ICT equipment.
  • Test report submission: The applicant must upload the test report after having his product tested at CAB. The applicant must upload the test reports, provide an online undertaking attesting to the accuracy of the uploaded documents/reports, and submit a summary of the test reports together with the test results.
  • Examining the test report: If the equipment is determined to be in compliance after reviewing the test results that have been submitted, a certificate will be given.
  • Certificate issuance: If all test reports and equipment meet the required standards, telecommunication engineering centre will provide a certificate.

How a TEC certification registration consultant can help you?

  • If you don’t want to indulge in the complexity of certificate registration from telecommunication engineering centre, the most preferred way is to work with a registration consultant who can understand your specific requirement and apply for certificate online in a professional and effective way.
  • If you register for a certificate online or offline, including fresh registration our experts will instruct you on every single part of the process.
  • You will receive assistance from our consultant during the paperwork and evaluation processes.
  • To avoid any mistakes that can lead to the rejection of a application, Our registration consultant will fill out the registration form on your behalf.
  • During the testing of the telecom equipment, the our specialist can associate with the laboratory to ensure appropriate follow-ups and acknowledgments
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