Every requirement you need to get AYUSH Certificate in India

  • March 05, 2021
  • Dushyant Sharma
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This blog details every requirement you need to get AYUSH certificate in India. Read to know the documents you need to get AYUSH manufacturing license in India.



With the AYUSH medicines are looked at with renewed vigour in India, the rise of AYUSH license has increased. However, some make the mistake of filing the application for it too soon – not knowing the small details that they should be aware of. Through this article, we are going to open their eyes. 

In this blog, we are going to dive into the requirement you need to fulfil to get AYUSH certificate in India. 

Form 24 D

Form 24 AD is the major part of the AYUSH certification procedure especially if you’re concerned with the offline mode; In this form, you’re required to fill the following details:

  1. Your name or the name of your business entity

  2. Address where your AYUSH business is operating

  3. Names of the drugs that you’re manufacturing

  4. Names and qualifications of the technical staff

  5. The receipt of the AYUSH certification cost or fee.  

If you think AYUSH certificate apply online in an option, you are wrong. Despite digitization, the government still favours the hardcopy application submission to grant the AYUSH registration. 


A declaration has to be forwarded to the AYUSH ministry. Through that declaration, you’re pledging that whatever details you’re providing in the application are true and right. 

Site Plan 

To become an AYUSH certified company, you need to prove that the site you’ve manufacturing the products in has adequate space for production, storage and more. In order to prove that, the ministry requires you to submit the site plan. 

Key Plan

Provide the primary architectural plans or key plans. In that plan you’d have to provide the architectural layout of each and every floor of your AYUSH manufacturing facility. 

Ownership Deed of the Land

The land on which you’re producing the Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani, or Homeopathic medicine has to be owned by you. If you don’t, you must at least have the rental agreement to show that you have rented the region. Thus, provide the ownership deed of the land. 

Affidavit of Non Conviction

The Ministry wants anyone who gets the AYUSH Manufacturing License to only those who possess a clean record. If the records aren’t clean, you won’t be help eligible to get the AYUSH registration. Thus provide a Non Conviction Affidavit to the AYUSH ministry

Organizational Chart of the Company

Provide a complete organizational showing the AYUSH ministry the details about your organization and how every personnel is organized within your company. 

Authorized Signatory within your company

The one who is filing and signing the application form for the AYUSH registration process has to be authorized by the members of your AYUSH certified company. Provide the details about that Authorized signatory. 

A List of all the machineries within your company

A list of machines you’re using to produce, store, maintain the AYUSH products. 

A list of all the Books

AYUSH manufacturing license is only given to individuals who are academically inclined to provide AYUSH services to the people. Thus, provide a list of books that you have in your company. 


Provide a document detailing the Standard Operating Procedure that your AYUSH workers follow at your factory. 

Proof of the Premises

Provide the proof that you own the premises at which the AYUSH medicines are produced. 

Documents pertaining to the medicines

Provide documents detailing the classical specifications and the patent or other proprietary details associated with the medicines. Such details include Formulation, Affidavit, Label, Trial Report, Testing Protocol, Proof, and Product Performa. 

Documents pertaining to the technical staff

Provide documents  that details the degree, registration, bio-data, experience, affidavit, photograph, appointment letter and consent letter of each and every member of the technical staff of your AYUSH company.

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