DPL-NDPL License in India

  • November 02, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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DPL License in India

DPL license, or the Dealer Possession license, is explicitly issued to the dealers and possessors of Wireless telecom products. These corporate entities are involved in the sales as well as distribution of wireless telecom equipment. As per the Telecom Authority WPC rules, the holders of DPL Licenses can't sell their telecom products to companies or other entities that don't have the WPC approval to use such products. DPL licensee comes in the combination of the DPL-NDPL license duo. Let us learn about the NDPL licenses also.


NDPL License in India

NDPL License or Non-Dealer Possession License is a legal permit issued to corporate entities that are neither the dealers nor the proprietors of wireless telecom products. These entities do not have wireless products in their possession. Therefore, they are termed a Non-Dealership Possession. For example, a local cable operator is an NDPL license holder. 


WPC on DPL-NDPL License

The Wireless Planning & Coordination wing of the DoT issues both these licenses. WPC is a regulatory body that we can help you reach out to. You can connect with the Registrationwala experts for an end-to-end DPL NDPL license registration procedure.

If the MCA has registered your business as an incorporated entity, then you are eligible to apply for the required DPL License and NDPL License in India.


Documents Required for DPL-NDPL License

The applicant must submit the following documents for DPL-NDPL License registration in India:

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant business
  • Telecom Equipment that the applicant wishes to import, possess, sell or use
  • Technical specification of the Telecom Equipment
  • Duly-filled DPL-NDPL license registration form


Procedure for acquiring DPL-NDPL License

The applicant must follow the following process to obtain the required DPL/NDPL License:

  1. Prepare the required documentation that the applicant must submit to the Department of Telecommunications.
  2. Fill out the required DPL/NDPL license registration application form
  3. Submit the DPL/NDPL license registration application along with the required documents.
  4. Wait for WPC's analysis. The applicant must regularly check for their application status.
  5. Finally, obtain the DPL or NDPL License from the Department of Telecommunications Wireless Planning and Coordination wing.

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