Trademark Registration in Raipur: Apply for the Logo at Home

  • August 24, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Gone are the days when you wanted to get something done, you had to visit any of the metropolises, say Delhi or Mumbai. But today, we are in the digital age.

If you have a task at hand, a big task, you can accomplish it by sitting at your home. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer. On the same line, you can also register a trademark logo for business in Raipur.

As we, the Registrationwalas, are aware of the burgeoning capacity of Raipur city to become a startup hub in the coming times, we are also aware of the requirements business have essential for running their operations. One of them is Trademark Logo registration.

As the seasoned experts in the trademark domain, we can tell you the trademark registration process is long and exhaustive. Businesses need special aid from trademark consultants to register their Logos.

So, we provide you with the required expertise to register your trademark with the authorities. Accordingly, you can have your Trademark registration in Raipur. But before we jump to it, let us understand the detailed trademark registration process in India.

Pre-conditions for Trademark Logo Registration

Before filing for the registration of your chosen Trademark Logo with the RoT (Registrar of Trademarks), the trademark applicant must observe the following conditions:

  • The chosen trademark logo must be unique in appearance, texture, pronunciation, font, colour-coding, etc.
  • The chosen Logo must not be deceptively similar to an existing trademark logo, both nationally and internationally.
  • Also, the applicant, prior to the trademark registration, must conduct a trademark search on their chosen Logo to ensure that the Logo has a distinct identity from any of the registered trademarks.

Required documentation for Trademark Registration in Raipur

Different business entities can apply for their Brand's logo registration. Accordingly, their need for required documents to be attested with the trademark registration application differs. Along with the obvious document requirements, we have mentioned the relevant documents to be submitted according to the nature of the applicant's business.


  • Proof of Identification of the applicant
  • Document of Business Registration with the authorities.


  • Shops Establishment License procured by the applicant
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant business
  • Proof of address of the applicant's office complex

Partnership firm

Partnership Agreement between member partners

Registration Process for Trademark Logo

Online Trademark Logo registration process

The complete step-by-step procedure for the filing of an application for trademark logo registration is enlisted in the following points:

Application filing & Submission

  1. Firstly, file the application for the logo registration. Before sitting for application filing, the applicant must ensure that the following documents must be in their hands reach:
    • Proof of Identification
    • Digital Signature Certificate of the directors of the applicant company
    • Copy of the proposed Trademark
    • Proof of address of the applicant.
  2. Submit the trademark application with the furnished documents.

Application Assessment: Trademark Objection

  1. The Registrar of Trademarks, upon receiving the application, assesses the application carefully and creates an examination report.
  2. The examination report can either yield a positive or negative result.
  3. The applicant will then be notified about the report by the department. Or, the applicant can make a trademark registration enquiry to know the status of the application.
  4. If the result is negative, then the examiner will raise a trademark objection against the applicant and ask them to make some changes to the trademark so as to be accepted by them.

Trademark Publication

  1. If the trademark application is accepted, the Logo will be published in the trademark journal for a period of 4 months.
  2. During this period, the general public can check the published trademark. If they find any similarity between the published Logo and any registered ones, they can raise a Trademark Opposition request against the published trademark. The applicant will have to prepare and submit an opposition reply.

Trademark registered

  1. If the general public doesn't oppose the published trademark, then the applicant’s trademark will be registered in the Register of Trademarks by the authorities.

Register your Trademark Logo with the Registrationwala

Having issues registering the trademark logo for your Brand in Raipur? This is not an issue with the Registrationwala. The Registrationwala is a leading trademark consultancy service provider in the country. We can provide registration services to our clients even if they are in the most remote terrain of this country. Registrationwala is aware of the burgeoning business capacity of the city of Raipur. So, we can come in handy to such businesses by aiding them in the registration process of their trademark logo.

As discussed above, the Trademark registration in Raipur is a long and exhaustive process requiring certain legal expertise. We here at Registrationwala provide the required legal expertise for our clients. Here, Our trademark experts provide the following services to the clients:

  • Conduct a trademark search on the trademark logo.
  • Suggest necessary changes for the trademark, if any.
  • Furnish the required documents from you.
  • Draft and file for the trademark registration application online on your behalf.
  • Submit the application to the authorities, along with the documents.
  • Deal with the raised objections, if any, during the application assessment.
  • During the publication period, prepare a response against the raised trademark objection, if any, on your behalf.
  • Finally, deliver the Registration certificate for the trademark logo.

So, if you want to get your Logo registration without any hassle, connect with us.

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