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What is Director Identification Number?

What is Director Identification Number?

Till 2006, all forms filing were physically managed at ROC office. It is only after launching e-governance initiatives “MCA-21” where all those filing processes had been converted into an electronic mode. Along with this, a new way has been conceptualised to assign a unique number to the director to identify him by this unique number.

It is now mandatory requirement to have DIN by the proposed director. To get the DIN a person can easily apply on the MCA portal and click on the link apply for DIN or you can file a form DIR-3 to the DIN. When you submit the form a provisional DIN is generated by the system.

Documents required to apply for the DIN

 As your identity proof you can use any of the following documents:

  1. PAN card
  2. Driving License
  3. Passport
  4. Voter ID

And as residence proof one of the followings documents is sufficient:

  1. Driving License
  2. Passport
  3. Voter Id card
  4. Telephone Bill
  5. Ration Card
  6. Electricity Bill
  7. Bank Statement

One you are done with this process, you can check the status of your DIN.

DIN is also applicable to a foreign citizen who is going to become a director in any of the Indian entity. Sometimes people knowingly or unknowingly apply twice for DIN. In this case, a person has to surrender one DIN because it is illegal to have 2 DIN simultaneously. One DIN is sufficient to have directorship in more than one company.

Most Common reasons of DIN rejection

  1. Name of applicant or father’s name has been written in short form. The name should match with the ID proof.
  2. Spelling error in the name of the applicant’s name or father’s name.
  3. Using prefixes such as Mr, Ms, Mrs, or shri in the names.
  4. If you submit the document as your residence proof which is older than 2 months.
  5. The supporting documents are not duly attested.

DIN is the way to track director’s directorship. He can not hide his directorship. Even just having DIN you can check person’s directorship in the past and present companies.

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