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  • March 02, 2021
  • Registrationwala
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THe best AYUSH certification agency in India. There are many AYUSH license consultants. But you need the best to get the AYUSH certificate. Who is it? Know through this blog.

There are as many business consultants in India as much there are business licenses. One of the most in demand among them right now is the AYUSH License. Getting AYUSH license in India is a dream that many are daring to dream again. Why? It’s because for the first time, even the modern medicine community is accepting the natural remedies for a long life. It has reinvigorated people’s interest in alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy. That interest has in turn created a market that has too much demand and a bit less supply. 


So, now if you have dared to dream, you should get the AYUSH certificate as soon as possible. But, don’t let your hurry of getting the license trap you with fake consultants. You deserve the best AYUSH certification agency in India. By the end of this article, we will tell you who is it. 

Who are AYUSH license consultants?

AYUSH license consultants are same as any business consultant. Their job is to advise you on how to get AYUSH license. They have facilities through which they can liaison with the AYUSH ministry. The reason they are able to provide the AYUSH license services in Delhi and beyond is:

  1. Because of their knowledge regarding AYUSH license guidelines.

  2. Because of their connections that they have fostered over the years inside and outside the government. 

  3. Because of their approach towards taking the requirements from the customers and filing the application on their own. 

The best among the AYUSH certificate consultants know the needs of the license seekers. They can grasp the knowledge level of these potential prospects and thus, advise them accordingly. 

Places where you can find the AYUSH license consultants

What is AYUSH license? It’s the permission to manufacture, sale and distribute AYUSH products. Such products are sold, manufactured and distributed all over the country. Thus, it’s only natural for the consultants to be present everywhere in India. 

While it’s natural, that’s not always the case. The popularity and prevalence of the license doesn’t reflect the low number of consultants that are present in India. Following are the regions that have the highest concentration of the business license consultants. 

  1. Delhi: Delhi, being the meeting point of all the cultural, economical, health and social requirements of India, have the highest number of license consultants. The AYUSH license Delhi based consultants focus on providing manufacturing license PAN India. It’s here that you’ll find the best AYUSH certification agency. 

  2. Mumbai: After the landlocked region of Delhi, it’s the beaches of Mumbai that sees the most consultants for AYUSH license. It’s also the place with a high number of ayurvedic product exports – creating a requirement for AYUSH free sale certificate. 

  3. Kolkata: To the east, it’s Kolkata. When it comes to variety of ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and homeopathic products, Kolkata is the winner – having the largest variety of herbal remedies. The AYUSH license Kolkata consultants thus specialize in providing licenses needed by manufacturers partaking in producing multiple herbal remedies. 

What makes a consultant the best?

You now know the definition of AYUSH license consultants, the services they provide and the places that there are most active in. It’s high time that we started looking at the factors that make a consultant the best. Regardless of the theoretical definition of a consultant, the services it can provide can either make or break your dream of starting your Ayurvedic business. Thus, it’s necessary to know the qualities of a good consultant. 

  1. Always on time: From filing the online AYUSH registration to following up with the ministry, a good consultant always provides timely services.

  2. Reasonable cost of services: When it comes to AYUSH certificate price, you won’t see much of a difference. When you compare AYUSH registration fees 2020 to the one you were required to pay 10 years ago, the difference is quite small. However, the process has now been made online – and more convoluted. It has increased the professional fee – nongovernmental cost – of getting services from an AYUSH premium certificate company. A good consultant asks from you a reasonable price.

  3. Timely reports: After filing the application, you should always expect for something to go wrong. It’s because it usually does. How you react to the issue and how quick you are makes all the difference. Thus, a good consultant always gives special attention to your application once it goes to the ministry. If there is any change in application’s status, or in the ministry’s response, you’ll receive a timely report courtesy of your consultant. 

 So who is the best AYUSH certification agency in Delhi

The best AYUSH certification agency in Delhi right now is someone who provides you:

  1. Timely assistance when and where you need it,

  2. Asks of you a modest professional fee to provide you the services, and

  3. Is extra vigilant when watching over the status of your application. 


You need the above three if you want the AYUSH certificate to be at your email in a timely fashion. We at Registrationwala work with the best certification professionals. Each possess vast knowledge about the topic of AYUSH certification and know which steps can cause you issues. They can guide you towards the certificate. If you don’t want to do anything regarding the application, it’s no worry for us either. Just give us the documents when we ask, and we take up the task of getting you the license. 

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