How Registrationwala Supports your Legal Journey of Startup?

  • May 11, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Your dreams of starting your own business in India and abroad has another element to it. It is called legality. There are several business registrations and compliance that fall under this legality. Registrationwala is therefore here to aid you in your legal journey of your startup.

If there was any good time to realize your dream to start a brand new business, now is the best. Through the start-up India initiative, several entrepreneurs now have a voice in the business world. Each passing day, new companies are emerging with new ideas and new innovations.

However, there are many more companies that are not emerging because of one simple reason. And that is, not realizing that being and entrepreneur doesn’t only have business requirements, it has legal ones too.

This is where Registrationwala has emerged as the support structure to aid you through your startup journey.

Starting a business

Starting a business doesn’t just require capital and an initial investment. It also requires a legal infrastructure. The legal infrastructure can only be achieved through incorporation. Professionals such as company secretaries and chartered accountants are instrumental in incorporating your business. Every success story of a business came into picture of the legal infrastructure. You might have heard about the little companies like Hindustan Coca Cola Private Limited, Reliance Industries Limited or Think and Learn Private Limited. All of them became successful not only because of the professional infrastructure, but their legal infrastructure as well.

Before you even get to start a business, you would need to take care of the matters of legal infrastructure. Therefore, before you do business, think business incorporation. The legal requirements to take care of it are many. While you can try fulfilling these legal requirements yourself, sooner or later, you would need the aid of business experts like chartered accountants and company secretaries. You will need their help you get your documents properly authorized and audited. That being said, by the time you reach for their help, you might realize that you are starting a business a bit too late. And in this professional world, being too late means left behind.  

Therefore Why not just let the professionals incorporate your business for you? They can perform each and every task associated with business incorporation thoroughly and with complete professionalism. From the time you decide the name for your company to the time you get the company incorporated, these experts shall be with you every step of the way.

At Registrationwala, all the requirements of giving a legal face to your business shall be completed within a week. And then, you would have a strong legal foundation for your business. And once you have setup a strong foundation through a proper legal system, your journey of success shall begin.

Managing the business

Once a business in incorporated into a company, then comes the need to maintain it. There are many legal returns that have to be filed on a quarterly, biannual and annual basis. These company compliances are the very key to make sure that your business remain legally valid in front of the government. While legal compliances are mandatory, there are also subtle benefits to it that you cannot ignore:

  • Staying compliant makes you more trusted by the people. As a result, your revenue can grow.
  • You can grow your business without any worry about penalty.
  • As you stay compliant, your company is favoured more for funding.
  • Staying compliant validate the existence of your company.

Annual compliances are required for every company. The annual compliances are periodic compliances or returns that have to be filed on a half yearly, annually, and quarterly basis. There are many forms and information to be filled under this compliance

Therefore, they are best handled through the (CA) taxation experts and the accounting experts. The annual compliances, if filed wrong, can create a lot of trouble for your startup through the course of its business. Therefore, experts of these matters are the one that you should confer to.

Throughout your journey to manage your startup, the matters of taxation and accounting can be dealt with through Registrationwala. All we would require from you are some of your business details and leave the rest of compliance matters to us. We can take on the heavy lifting of filing the compliances while you are free to pursue your business dreams and grow bigger every day.

However, while you are managing your business, there are still threats to your business in the form of IP (Intellectual Property) thieves. Therefore, another part of start-up journey is protection of your business.

Protecting the business

Everything that your brain can think of is imprinted in your business. It is your business name that garners the attention of the public. It is your business idea that grants your business. Your business idea, your business name, your product type are all part of your Intellectual property. Whenever there is a property, there is a money value. Whenever there is a value in money, there is a chance that it can be stolen. Your ideas, your brand name and everything intellectual that you built your start-up upon are vulnerable to theft. Therefore, there is Intellectual property registration. Through it, your Ideas, your business marks, your designs your inventions and your creations can be protected. Once you have the IP registration for them, you own them under the eyes of law. In doing so, you can protect your business. The type of intellectual property rights present are:

  1. Trademark Registration: To protect your brand. The brand can either be a name, a shape, a size, a device, a colour combination or even a smell. 
  2. Copyright Registration: To protect your artistic or literary creations like books, painting, sound recording, music sheet, cinematography, software,
  3. Patent Registration: To protect your ownership over the inventions you created.
  4. Design Registration: To protect your ownerships over the designs of your product.

Each one of the Intellectual property rights can only be accessed through IP registration. And you need the aid of Advocates and other IP experts for these.

The reason for these experts to be here is simple. The process of IP registrations is a legal matter that can take months to complete. During this course, there are multiple things that can go wrong like objection, opposition etc. Therefore, the application filing process should be optimal to begin with. Additionally, through the aid of advocates, you will always be ready to attend to any legal adversity on your path to IP protection.

Registrationwala supports your business through proper IP protection as well.

Diversifying the Business

The business ideas lead to many innovative businesses with diversifying ideas. To run such businesses, you need licenses that are based on sectors. Therefore for particular types of business, you can obtain particular types of licenses:

  1. OSP registration: License to run a domestic or international call centre.
  2. ISO Certification: Certification that presents the quality of operations of the business.
  3. FSSAI License: License to run Food business operations
  4. IEC Code: Code to provide import and export services

There are many such licenses and certifications. Each dedicated towards providing you authorization to do a particular business and enhancing the quality and operations of your business.

As a result, you can achieve unprecedented business growth.

From starting the business to diversifying and protecting the business, Registrationwala would always be by your side at every step of the way.

So are you ready to take on this journey?

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