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As per the latest guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunication, OSP registration is no longer needed to start a Call centre.

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DOT OSP Registraton in India

The need of outsourcing has increased the number of call centers and BPOs. Setting up a call center or a BPO requires the use of telecom resources at a large scale. Such requirement can’t be left unchecked.  OSP License is the authorization that such service providers need get their hands on by the Department of Telecommunication. In this overview of the DOT License, we will discuss the definition of OSP Registration and how Registrationwala can assist you in acquiring them.


What are Other Service providers?


Service providers in the telecommunication industry such as BPO/call centers, e-commerce, tele banking, telemedicine, tele-education, and other IT enabled services are referred to as ‘Other Service Providers’ or most commonly known as ‘OSP’. They are called Other Service Providers because they provide services that might not be directly related to the commerce of the company i.e. they are the provider of support services that makes the use of telecommunication resources. To be even more clear:


  1. A BPO or a Business Process Outsourcing Unit is a business infrastructure to whom business outsource their menial but important tasks to. These services can range from accounting, invoicing, billing, customer calling to even auditing. The OSP registration required to run this service is called the BPO License.
  2. A call center is a center that either sends out calls or take calls. In case the call center sends out calls, its purpose is to reach out to prospects and convert them into customers. If the call center receives calls, it’s function is to assist the customers as per their IT requirements. The OSP registration in this case is called the call center license.


Just like BPOs and call centers, there are other types of Other Service providers like:


  1. E commerce service providers
  2. Tele-banking service providers
  3. Telemedicine service providers
  4. Tele-education service providers,
  5. and many other IT enabled service providers.


What is OSP License and why it’s required?  

In the previous section, you might have noticed the word “OSP registration: has been used quite a lot, and without any context. Well, this section is here to add the context.


To provide their services, the OSPs  use specialized resources such as,


  1. Public Network
  2. Mobile Network
  3. Digital Network
  4. and other telecommunication resources.


Depending upon the scale of the company, the OSP can use some or many telecommunication resources. Without oversight, such resources can be used in a way that can harm the nation.


In order to prevent that from happening, the Department of Telecommunication has made DOT License mandatory for everyone. The license is the OSP authorization that we discussed before.

As per the rules, anyone who wants to provide Other Services or IT enabled services that are driven by the use of telecom resources, have to get the DOT OSP License from the TERM CELL of the Department of Telecommunication.

Let’s now dive into the process of DOT OSP License registration:


  1. Register a Business entity: No one is allowed to follow the OSP registration process  as an individual or a partnership. They have to register their business as a private limited company first.
  2. Gather the required documents: The required documents for DOT License for BPO aren’t many. But remember to sign, scan and store them in the appropriate storage device.
  3. Filing the application of OSP registration online: The application of OSP registration is exclusively filed online at the SARAL sanchar portal. Also submit the DOT license fee for BPO. The entry fee is consistent but you might face issues when it comes to guarantees.   
  4. Get the OSP DOT License: Once you file the application, the department would appoint an assessment officer to check your application. If  he finds any issues with your application, you’ll receive a notification to rectify those issues. If you do, you’ll receive the OSP registration number.


While these steps of call center registration can be quite easy to explain, the DOT OSP guidelines can make the entire process tricky. The high OSP registration fees can easily demotivate any one from taking a step further. But we are here to tell you that you don’t need to worry.


From registering your private limited company to getting you the DOT OSP license, we provide you with end to end solutions. What’s even more amazing is our affordable professional OSP registration fees.

Documents required for OSP Registration in India

The OSP License requirement consists of the following documents


  • Certification of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA/AOA)
  • Board Resolution or Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory with attested signatures
  • Nature of business or activities of the proposed OSP
  • List of Directors of the company
  • Present shareholding pattern of the company indicating equity detail

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