Why is phonetically Search of a Trademark is Important?

  • July 01, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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A trademark search is very much important as it tells a person if the trademark chosen by him is unique and not in existence. For the registration of trademark the first and foremost issue is to assure that the trademark is not in existence which can be done by a proper search.

How to search for a trademark?

  • Describe the product or services to be sold.
  • Identify specific terms for your product or services using a proper manual.
  • Determine the class of the goods.
  • Determine the related goods and services and also determine their class.
  • Develop a basic search strategy
  • Broaden the search strategy and then conduct a search.

One has to be very careful while searching for a trademark that is why people also search Trademark phonetically

What is phonetic search?

Phonetic words are those which sound alike but have different spellings. In case of trademarks there are various words with different spellings but sounds the same. One must consider phonetic search as it tells a person about the existence and the variation a person can give to his own trademark before getting it registered, to avoid any confusion for the consumers.

Why is it important to conduct a phonetic search for the trademarks?

Here is a list of reasons which prove that phonetic search is important:

  • Eradicating chances of confusion:

Before getting the trademark registered, it is important to conduct a search in a wise manner to avoid any confusion for the consumers. If the trademark creates confusion, it will create a problem for the business and can lead to rejection of the mark from the registrar.

  • Avoiding International Registration Issues:

Many international offices often raise issues in granting the trademark if the name is phonetic with any other trademark. A phonetic search saves the time and energy of a person by telling in advance about the trademark already in existence.

  • Avoid brand devaluation:

In case a person is using a trademark similar in sound to another one already in existence, it eventually hampers the brand value of the existence company.

So it is always better to avoid puzzling the end users and keep a unique name for the mark.

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