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  • June 27, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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India has become the third largest economy after China and the US. During the fiscal year 2022, the Department of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has recognized 14000 startups in India. These startups also play a crucial role in the country’s GDP.

Around 44 Indian startups became unicorns in 2021. In previous years, Delhi has recognized the most significant number of startups, higher than many startup hub cities like Bangalore and Mumbai.

So, if you are looking to register a company in Delhi, then check the process, and eligibility criteria and how we can help you in the process.

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Different Types of Company Registration in Delhi

Every company must be registered under the Companies Act 2013. Below are the different types of company registration in Delhi, that an entrepreneur can incorporate:

  1. One-Person Company (OPC) 
  2. Limited Liability Partnership 
  3. Private Limited Company
  4. Public Limited Company

Benefits of Registering a Company in Delhi

Company registration in Delhi has many benefits and some of these are as follows:


Benefits of Registering a Company in Delhi


  • Create More Capital: To acquire the goods and services for growth, business requires more capital and to do that there are two methods. The first method is to raise funds through a traditional method which is raising funds through the public and the second is to take loans from the financial institution.

  • Become a Separate Legal Entity: After registration in Delhi, the company attains a status of a legal and separate entity. As a separate entity promoters, directors, and shareholders take responsibilities separately.

  • Limited Liability: If the nature of your company is sole proprietorship or partnership, then you are liable for all the losses and debts. But as a separate legal entity, losses and debts will be distributed among the owners and one single person will not be liable for the loss or debt.

  • Higher Decision-Making Power: If in any case, some kind of dispute arises between the co-founders then through the number of shareholdings the power of decision-making will be given. A higher percentage share means higher power.

Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Delhi Online

The entrepreneurs must fulfill all the compliances before registering a company in Delhi:

Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Delhi

  • Must have a unique name, not similar to an existing name
  • Minimum number of directors; one for OPC, two for private company, and three for public company
  • Foreign nationals can be a director but have at least one Indian citizen
  • All directors have the Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Must have minimum members; one for OPC, two for a private company, and seven for a public company.
  • Directors should have Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Must have a registered office address
  • Prepare Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA)

Documents Required for Company Registration in Delhi

The following is the checklist of all the documents required for company registration in Delhi:

Documents Required for Company Registration in Delhi

  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Article of Association.
  • Proof of office address.
  • Declaration and Affidavit.
  • Any Utility Bill Copy.
  • In case the company name is trademark registered then attach a copy of the trademark registration certificate.
  • NOC from partners and associates.
  • Proof of identity and residential address of partners and directors.

Registration Fees and Charges for Delhi

The total registration fees to register a company in Delhi starts from Rs. 4,999/- with professional utilities. The stamp duty charges may differ based on the authorized capital invested at the time of incorporation.



Cost (Rs.)

Digital Signature Certificate


Government Fee


Professional Fee


Total Cost



The Procedure of Company Registration in Delhi

The procedure of company registration in Delhi takes around 7-14 days to complete. And include different steps these are as follows:

  1. Check that you fulfill all the eligibility requirements as per the business nature. 
  2. All Founders and Directors must apply for Digital Signature Certificate and Directors must apply for an identification number through the online portal of MCA.
  3. Reserve the name on the MCA website by filing the Part-A of the SPICe+ form.
  4. And, file the company details in Part B of the SPICe+ form.
  5. Open a bank account and register for the GSTIN number, EPFO, ESIC, or professional tax.
  6. Upload all the required documents.
  7. Submit the filled form of SPICe+ on the MCA website and attach the digital signature certificate.
  8. Attach a declaration by a professional such as CA, CS, Cost Accountant, and Advocate.
  9. Pay the registration fees and charges for Delhi stamp duty on the MCA platform for generating challans.
  10.  The ROC will get the application by CRC once all the documents will be checked and found proper.
  11. ROC will register a company in Delhi and issue the following certificate
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Company PAN number
  • Company TAN number

How Registrationwala Can Help To Setup Company In Delhi?

As you read, the process and eligibility criteria to register a company in Delhi is long and takes lots of your time, if you do it by yourself. We at Registrationwala, can assist you to complete the process quickly.

Further, we help you in the complete process and ensure that your company gets registered without creating any issues with the authority. So, if you have any queries regarding the registration, reach out to us, we help you in every possible way.


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