How to obtain PSARA License in India

  • November 24, 2020
  • Registrationwala
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Ever since the dawn of human civilizations, we have needed security to protect what ours. Civilization has evolved, but our needs and our possessions have evolved too. Thus, even at this day and age, our need of security has not gone away, and now they have taken the form of Security guards. But not everyone can start a Private security firm, for you need the PSARA License.

Thus, in this article, you’ll know about how to obtain PSARA License in India.

What is PSARA License?

PSARA stands for Private Security Agency Regulation Act. It came into existence to keep an eye on the Private Security Agencies of India. PSARA License is authorization to run a private security agency. The purpose of PSARA can be condensed into two points:

  1. It makes sure that Private Security Agencies don’t become a threat to the people and property of India.
  2. It provides a platform on which new private security agencies can stand and make mark.

That being said, why should you care about getting the PSARA License.

Benefits of getting the PSARA License

Getting PSARA License enables companies to do private security business. However, the benefits don’t end there:

  1. It’s empowering to a private security company: Private Security agencies often suffer a drought of employees – having no one to join them because of lack of job security. With PSARA License, the protection business becomes more ethical and hence, the jobs become more secure.
  2. It enhances the credibility of the Private Security Agency: While no one can start a private security firm without being authorized to do so, there are many that still do. Consequently, the image of security agencies have suffered in these past years. With the license however, your credibility would increase.
  3. It ensures the security services run without any interruptions: When you don’t have the license to run a particular business, there is always a fear at the back of your head, of getting caught. With PSARA license, that fear is removed. As you’re legally required to engage in such business, you don’t have to worry about security department knocking on your door every time something goes wrong.
  4. It ensures that you work ethically: Running a private security firm is a big business. As such, sometimes it’s easy to be attracted to fraudulent activities. But when you have the PASARA licence, you have government watching over your activities, ensuring that you don’t engage with anything that can be considered unethical.

Process of getting PSARA License

Generally, the process of getting the aforementioned license would be to file the PSARA license application form and get the license after assessment.  However, things are little different in the case of this particular license:

  1. Collect all the important documents: First, you have to gather all the important documents to initiate the PSARA License process.
  2. Reach out to a training institute: Now, reach out to a training institute that has been authorized by the government to give security training.  Get a Memorandum of Understanding from them once the training is complete.
  3. Get verified by the police: Now, file the application for police verification. If you are applying for PSARA License as a company, remember that you need to file separate police verification application for each director and shareholder of the company.
  4. Get the NOC: After the police verifies you, you get a No objection certificate.
  5. Attach the NOC and the documents to the application: After attaching the NOC and documents required for PSARA license, submit the application to the PSARA body in your state.
  6. Wait for the license: Once you’ve submitted the application of the said license, you’ll have to wait for about 2 months to get the license.

Documents required

Following are the documents required for PSARA license:

  1. Certificate of incorporation of your company or your LLP or your firm
  2. MOA Signed
  3. ID proof of the security guards under your employment
  4. ID proof of the directors and shareholders involved with your security agency
  5. PSARA affidavit
  6. Agency’s logo
  7. Details of PAN
  8. Security training affidavit
  9. Photographs of the promoters
  10. IT returns of involved directors
  11. Character certificates of all the hired


Private Security agencies are the shields that protect businesses and lives. You can become one of those shields by getting PSARA License. Just reach out to our experts and let us sort out everything from the process and documents. Trust us, and you’ll set your private security firm in time that you want.

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