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Do you want to start a charitable trust?

Starting at just INR 13,999/-, you can register and start your very your trust

If you want to start a charitable trust in India, you would need to register it under the Societies Act. Get in touch with Registrationwala and we are going to make sure that the registration process completes efficiently and quickly.

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Trust Registration

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Trust Registration

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A trust refers to an arrangement in which a property is handed over to or vested in a person, to be used and disposed off for the benefit of another person.

Trusts are classified into the following two categories:

  1. Public Trust Formation: A public trust is referred to as the Non Profit Charitable Organization or a non Governmental Organization. The objectives of a public trust are as follows:
    1. To setup a school or educational institute in order to provide education to the children
    2. To setup an hospital or nursing home for the providing medical facilities to the poor
    3. To take care of the old aged, senior citizens, widows, children and the handicapped.
    4. To promote child and women health and women empowerment. 
    5. To provide social welfare to the society
    6. To provide spiritual and other forms of cultural activities
    7. To provide training for the people belonging to backward or poor classes.
    8. To setup temples and other religious activities.
    9. To setup associations to protect the environment.
    10. To provide food, shelter, drinking water and other basic amenities to the poor.
    11. To get the gist, the goal of trust registration is to provide a charitable trust.
  2. Private trust Formation: In this type of trust, the beneficiaries are individuals or families. The objects of this type of trust are as follows:
    1. To provide benefits and welfare to a particular member of the family.
    2. To manage and preserve a particular property.

The registration of s trust involves the registration of a trust deed. A Trust deed is a document in which the aims, objects and the modes of management of the trust are defined.

If you are looking for Trust registration in Delhi, then you should get in touch with Registrationwala. We can provide you with all the assistance pertaining to the registration of this entity. Our professionals are going to make sure that your trust gets registered at proper time.

Documents Required for Trust Registration

  1. The details of the trustee:
    1. Name
    2. Occupation
    3. Address
    4. Age
    5. Designation
    6. Contact Information
    7. Photographs
  2. Address proof of the trustee:
    1. Voter ID
    2. Driving License
    3. Passport
  3. Electricity Bill or a House tax receipt in order to show that you are the in fact the owner of the property.
  4. NOC from the landlord in case the property is rented.
  5. Two witnesses are required at the time of registration.
  6. The settler should also be present at the time of registration.

Trust Registration FAQs

The minimum number of rusted in a trust is 2

The process of trust registration takes about 6 to 7 days.

Yes, you can in fact run the office of that trust on a residential property

Yes, if there is a change in the registered office of the trust, you can get it registered as well.

No, you cannot get your trust registered in Delhi if your registered office is outside of Delhi.

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