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If you are an Indian national and a resident of Indian, American or Canadian territories, and wish to start a private company in Hong Kong, then you can avail of Registrationwala's Company Registration services in Hong Kong. We intend to provide a holistic solution to the otherwise complex and arduous process.

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Company Registration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an Asian Country that has developed radically within the continent's competitive market. Also, it packs immense capacity for businesses as it is one of the foremost locations preferred by businesses for its lucrative markets. However, companies based in and out of Hong Kong do exceptionally well there.

So, if you are a business owner who is looking to set up a company in Hong Kong must choose the company name first, and type such as LLP, OPC, partnership, etc. Any company can be registered online in Hong Kong, connect with Registrationwala, and we will get you Hong Kong's Company Incorporation certificate in no time.


Benefits of Company Registration in Hong Kong

Before jumping right into the registration process, we wish to detail the benefits of registering your business idea as a Company in Hong Kong. Following are some of the benefits of company registration in Hong Kong:

Benefits of Company Registration in Hong Kong

Access to the Chinese Market

Registering your Company in Hong Kong gives you access to the market of Mainland China. The Pearl River Delta is the largest and most productive manufacturing hub of the Hong Kong region, connected with Hong Kong. The Delta enables trading routes between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

No Double Taxation for Hong Kong and China

Both countries entered into a Comprehensive Double Tax Agreement in 2007 which allowed  Hong Kong enterprises investing in China to get preferential treatment, such as reduced withholding tax on the following:

  • Dividends
  • Royalties
  • Capital Interest
  • Exemptions on certain capital gains

Hong Kong is an APECee

Hong Kong is a member of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). This enables several benefits for trade agreements. A registered company in Hong Kong pays lower tariffs on certain goods and services among the APEC member states.

Hong Kong follows the Western Regulatory System for Corporate Entities

Despite being geographically located inside China, Hong Kong continues with its colonial regulatory system. It is a similar system to western nations, making it easier for Western State companies to invest and register their subsidiaries in Kong city. Furthermore, Hong Kong is a signatory of the CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement), which allows Hong Kong companies to establish cooperation in trade and investment with the Chinese market.

In Hong Kong, Tax rates are low

Every registered Company in Hong Kong pays a Corporate Income Tax of 16.5%. This rate is one of the lowest corporate income taxes among the world nations. Furthermore, Income tax in Hong Kong is also one of the lowest, ranging from 2% - 17%. This makes Hong Kong a popular destination for trained professionals from other countries to settle in Hong Kong.

Lastly, Hong Kong's Government does not levy indirect taxes, unlike India, with VAT and GST. The Government furthers a conducive environment for companies to flourish in Hong Kong, providing extra support for small and medium businesses.

No Forex Regulations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world's major global financial centre, with millions of transactions occurring in different currencies. Also, Hong Kong Regulatory System employs no foreign exchange regulations in the city, allowing unhindered money exchange. They also permit using foreign currencies for multiple official purposes; for instance, the Company can pay for its share capital in currencies other than Hong Kong Dollar.

Hong Kong is a major Banking Payment Hub

The pride of Hong Kong is being one of the world's major International Financial Services centres. They offer an array of financial services and solutions. You can employ a simple procedure to set up multiple currency business accounts to save currency conversion costs.


Types of Company Registrations in Hong Kong

To establish your presence in the Hong Kong market by setting up a company, you have the choice of going either private or public in its shareholding capacity. As per Hong Kong's Companies Ordinance, the following are the major Company types that can be established in Hong Kong:

Types of Company Registrations in Hong Kong

  • Private Limited Company (Limited by Shares)
  • Private Unlimited Company with a share capital
  • Public Limited Company (Limited by Shares)
  • Public Unlimited Company with a share capital
  • Companies limited by guarantee without a share capital

Let us look at them one by one:

Private Limited Company

A Private Limited Company (PLC) in Hong Kong can divide its share capital into a number of shares. Each share has a certain value. Company issues these shares to its shareholders. The liability of the Company's shareholders extends only to unpaid share subscription prices. These PLCs are most suited for profit-making businesses.

We have enlisted the features of a registered Private Limited Company in Hong Kong in the following points:

  • PLC restricts the shareholders' ability to transfer shares within the Company
  • A PLC can have a maximum of 50 shareholders in it at one time
  • PLCs in Hong Kong cannot interest the public to subscribe to its shares and debentures of the Company

These PLCs account for almost all of the registered companies in Hong Kong. Majorly, small to medium-sized businesses adopt such kind of a business model. The reason for the popularity of the Private Limited Company business model is many, such as:

  • Liability limited to the shares
  • Easy Incorporation Procedure
  • Separate Entity from the Members
  • Ease in ownership transfer
  • Good image among Bankers and Investors 

Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company in Hong Kong offers its shares and debentures to the general public. Public Limited Model is the default business model in Hong Kong. If a business is an LLC but not a Private Limited Company or a Company limited by guarantee, then it is a public company. However, the regulatory restrictions on a Public Limited Company are more than a private limited company because it raises capital from the public.

The Public Limited Model is famous among big businesses because they want to raise capital from the public. Also, after a point, medium to large businesses opt for conversion of the private limited to public limited company model as and when they witness substantial growth in their revenue and size. Almost all of the registered Public Limited Companies in Hong Kong are listed on the city's stock exchange.

Unlimited Private and Public Companies

Such a Company hold, despite its shareholders contributing to their share capital, its shareholders are unlimitedly liable for its debts and obligations. In an Unlimited Company, each member is jointly and personally liable for the Company's losses. Foreign investors generally avoid these kinds of public/private companies.

Company limited by guarantee

If a company is limited by guarantee and does not have a share capital, its member's liability extends to the assets they contribute to the Company. NPOs have adopted legal structures in Hong Kong, such as education, research, etc. These companies are not ideal for profit-making motives.

Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Hong Kong

We have bulleted the eligibility criteria for different corporate executives and bodies to set up a company in Hong Kong:

Eligibility of the Shareholder

  • Minimum of one shareholder is permitted
  • Maximum of 50 shareholders (in a Private Limited Company) is permitted
  • Person of any nationality to become a shareholder
  • 100% ownership is permitted
  • Foreign Companies can have a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong

Eligibility of the Director

  • At least one director is a must for registration
  • Director can be a natural person, above 18 years of age, or a corporate body
  • Director may belong to any nationality
  • Director must not be declared bankrupt or convicted by the Authority
  • A sole shareholder can act as the sole director in a Company

Eligibility of the Company Secretary

  • Company must appoint at least one secretary at the time of its registration
  • Appointed Company Secretary can be a natural person or a corporate body
  • Directors and sole Shareholders cannot become the company secretary in Hong Kong

Office of the Proposed Company

  • A physical address is a must for Company Registration
  • Address must be registered with the Company Registrar
  • All correspondence with the Registrar takes place at this address.
  • Company must maintain the prescribed internal documents at this address.
  • Residential spaces cannot be used as registered business locations.


  • Company must submit the audited Annual Financial Statement to the Inland Revenue Department.
  • The Company must appoint a Chartered Accountant for such purposes.
  • The appointed CA must be a practising certificate holder.
  • He must be a member of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants.

Share Capital

  • No minimum share capital for company registration is prescribed in Hong Kong.
  • For registration, a minimum authorized share capital of HKD 10,000 with paid-up share capital of HKD 1 per share is required.

Compliances for Company Registration in Hong Kong

For incorporating a company in Hong Kong the following compliances must be fulfilled:

  • The monthly financial statements must be filled in Chinese language.
  • The annual report must be submitted to State Administration for Market Supervision (SAMR) within an appropriate time period (1 January to 30 June).
  • Companies have to pay 25% corporate tax. But the companies that are coming under the Chinese Government Business Scheme have to pay 15% corporate tax. 
  • Every company must hold an annual general meeting and private corporations must do the general meeting in every nine months to conclude a fiscal year.
  • Must submit the quarterly income tax return.
  • Last, the VAT must be filed by the date 15 of every month or earlier.

Documents for Company Registration in Hong Kong

Documents for Company Registration in Hong Kong

The company registration applicant must draft and compile the following documents for registration purposes:

  • Articles of Association
  • Business Registration Office notice
  • Chosen name for the Company
  • Bank Account details
  • Details of the Directors and Shareholders, such as:
    • Copy of the Passport
    • Address proof of non-resident officeholders
  • Proof of Identity for the Officeholders
  • Trade name for the proposed business
  • Certified copy of foreign company Incorporation Documents such as Incorporation Certificate (if there is a branch)

Company Registration Process in Hong Kong

Company Registration Process in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as one of the richest economies in the world, has made the Company Registration procedure an easy one. Therefore, interested foreigners who want to set up a company in Hong Kong must adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Choose a name for the proposed Company
  2. Select an appropriate company model for registration in Hong Kong
  3. Deliver the required documents for Company Registration
  4. Collect the Registration Certificates of the Company
  5. Open the Bank Account for the newly Incorporated Company
  6. Obtain the required business licenses for running the Company in Hong Kong


Step 1: Choose a Name for the Company


Every business must choose a name for itself. Also, approval of the Companies Registrar is a must to register a company in Hong Kong. The name can be English, Chinese, or a combined name. But, a combination of English and Chinese characters is prohibited. If chosen in English, the Company name must end with 'Limited'.

Check for the Chosen Name's availability

The chosen name must not have been registered in the Registrar's Index of Company names. The name must not be similar to a company's name that has already been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance. If the Registrar feels that the chosen name can constitute a criminal offense or is offensive to the public, he will not accept such a name.

Check for Infringement

The Company's name must not infringe on the IPRs of a third party. If Chinese characters are chosen for carving the name, then it must contain traditional Chinese characters found in either the Kang Xi Dictionary or the Chi Hai Dictionary. They can also be found in ISO 10646 International Coding Standard. The Registrar will not accept simple Chinese characters as the name for the Company.


Step 2: Choose an appropriate business model for the Company

With the company registration process, the business owner must decide on the appropriate business structure. For the selection of the Company's legal structure, see the nature of the commercial activities of the Company. It can be determined by how the business files its taxes and conducts itself in the market. One can choose from the legal structures available as per the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong:

  • An Incorporated Company, both Public and Private
  • Branch Office of a Foreign Company
  • Representative or Liaison Office of a Foreign Company
  • Collaboration, such as Partnership or Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Arrangement
  • Foreign Companies generally adopt the privately incorporated companies model or branch offices over other business structures.


Step 3: Application Filing for Company Registration

The applicant must submit the following documents along with the registration fee. It can be done using E-registry or the “CR eFiling” mobile application. The applicant can also submit the hard copy to the Shroff on the 14th Floor of Queensway Government Offices:

  • Incorporation Forms
    • Form NNC1: for Companies limited by shares
    • Form NNC1G: for Companies limited by guarantee
  • Copy of the proposed Company's AoA Articles of Association
  • Business Registration Office Notice

Why choose the LLC model?

All major companies in Hong Kong are registered with the Companies Registry as Limited Liability Companies. LLC models offer multiple advantages as they are separate legal entities protecting their owners' assets from any kind of business risks. LLCs also have a relatively simple registration procedure.


Step 4: Grant of Certificates for Incorporation

If the Registry approves the abovementioned forms and documents, the proposed company owner can download the Certificate of Incorporation and the related Business Registration Certificate from the official website. These certificates are available in electronic format. For hard copies, a special request must be raised on the portal. Both copies of certificates have the same legal effect.

E-Format of the Certificate of Incorporation

The electronic certificates for the private company registration limited by shares usually occur within an hour. The Registry sends an email notification containing the downloadable link of the certificate.

Hardcopy Format of the Certificate of Incorporation

If the registration application was delivered in hard copy, the Registry issues the registration certificate within four working days. The application presenter is notified by fax when the certificates are ready. He can collect the documents from the Registry in the NCCP (Notification of the Collection of Certificates Presentation) and the identification document mentioned in it. If the presenter sends his representative for collection, then the representative must show written authorization from the presenter along with the mentioned identification document in the authorization letter.

Step 5: Opening of Corporate Bank Account for the newly Incorporated Company

After completing the Company Registration Process, the next thing to be done is to reach out to Financial Institutions to raise investment for the business. It requires a create a bank account in the name of the newly incorporated Company. Also, opening a bank account in the Company's name requires several documents. So, we have enlisted the required documents that any traditional bank in Hong Kong will ask for in the following points:

  • Registered Business Address of the Company
  • Contact Details of the Company
  • Owner of the Company
  • Certification from the attorney of the Company
  • Certification from the Company Secretary
  • Certification from the Public Accountant
  • Company Incorporation documents
  • Certified copies of the Company Identification documents
  • Evidence of business operations in a Company, such as:
    • Business Plan
    • Audited Financial Documents
  • Details of the beneficial owners of the Company’s shareholders
  • Certified copy of the Business Registration Certificate
  • Other documents are required for making the bank account registration


Step 6: Obtaining the required Business Licenses for the Company

The Final step in the registration procedure is to apply for the necessary permits and licenses to run the business smoothly in the market. Several permits and licenses may apply to your business depending on the type of your undertaking commercial activities. Different government departments prescribe different licenses for your business.

Our Assistance in getting your Company registered in Hong Kong

Our Incorporation experts provide you end to end company registration services in Hong Kong by assisting you in the following manner:

  • Collecting and organizing the Documents
  • Applying for the necessary document for registration
  • Drafting the Articles of Association
  • Filing the application for Company Registration in Hong Kong
  • Obtaining and forwarding the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Opening the Business Account for the newly incorporated Company

We ensure that your company incorporation services requirements for Hong Kong are always on time. Our professionals understand the intricacies of company incorporation procedures in Hong Kong. Thus, we have expedited the process – helping you incorporate your Company at an affordable price.

So, reach out to our Incorporation Experts and realize your dream of starting your own Company in Hong Kong.


Q. Where can I download the certificate of company formation in Hong Kong?
A. The electronic certificates for Business Registration in Hong Kong, limited by shares, usually occur within an hour. The Registry sends an email notification containing the downloadable link of the certificate.

Q. Who issues the Business Registration Certificate in Hong Kong?
A. Hong Kong Business Registry

Q. How to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?
1. First, get familiar with Local Organisations and institutions
     2. Choose your company name and type
     3. Appoint company secretary
     4. Choose company’s registered office address
     5. Prepare incorporation documents and submit them to the company's registry.
     6. Pay Government fees.
     7. Get permits and licenses.

Q. What are the documents required for the Hong Kong Company?
A. For registering a company in Hong Kong you require an Article of Association, copy of passport, residential proof, it is required for non-resident shareholders and directors. Copy of Hong Kong ID card and residential proof in case of resident shareholder and director.

Q. Who can apply for Hong Kong company registration?
A. These companies can apply for Hong Kong company registration - sole proprietorship company, business partnership, Private and public limited company and brand office.

Q. What is the cost of applying?
A. Cost of registration in Hong Kong is 250 HKD for 1 year registration and 866 HKD for 3 years. Branch location registration cost is similar to the registration fee.

Q. How long does it take to register a company in Hong Kong?
A. The registration process usually takes 5 to 7 working days to get a license from Hong Kong Company Registry.

Q. What is the minimum eligibility to register company in hong kong (steps)
A. Any person or organization can register in Hong Kong.
Have a minimum of one shareholder and one director, local or foreign. 
Must be above 18 years.
Should have registered address. 
No minimum share capital is required.

Q. Can foreigners apply for a company registration in Hong Kong?
A. Yes, foreigners can apply for company registration in Hong Kong. The foreign companies have 100% ownership benefit means they don’t need to have a local director or shareholder.

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