Breach of Contract Notice Format Edited

Breach of Contract Notice Format


[Sender name]

[Sender Address]

Date: [Date]

[Name of the one who is in violation of contract]

[Address of the one who is violation of contract]

Subject: Breach of Contract

Dear [Name of the one who is in violation of contract]

I/We refer to the [Name of the contract] dated [date on which the contract was signed] between [party x] and [party y] (hereinafter the "Agreement") In terms of the Agreement you are required to [activity specified in the agreement]. It has come to our attention that you have breached the contract in the following manner:

[the activity that the addressee did to breach the agreement].

Please refer to the attached documents for examples of the breach.

[Party x] demand that you

(a) rectify the breach immediately; and without limiting the above:

(b) You will take the following actions: [Actions that the address now has to take]

(c) Within a period of 7 days from receipt of this letter, acknowledge receipt of this letter and confirm that you will not commit the breach again in future.

If you fail to rectify the breach, [party x] will be forced to take appropriate legal action against you and will seek all available damages and remedies under the Agreement and under the applicable laws. All my/our rights are reserved under the Agreement You can contact me/us if you have questions regarding this matter.



[party x]

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