Delay of possession legal notice Edited


[Name of the builder]

[Address of the builder- line 1]

[Address of the builder- line 2]

[Address of the builder- line 3]

Dear Sir,

Subject: Legal Notice due Delay in possession of property named [Property address]

We, the members of the sender group, had purchased flat/flats/Apartment from your [project/builder] in [year of purchase] under [payment modes/schemes] and have already paid almost [percentage of amount you have paid]/the entire amount of [the amount paid] of the total cost towards purchase. The possession was promised in [possession month] [possession year], failing which penalty [penalty amount] sq ft was agreed to be paid to the buyer.

Since [year of possession] onwards we have been visiting your office/construction site and pursuing progress of our allotted flats/property. We regret to say that in spite of several visits and letters, we have never been able to understand/ know the actual state of construction. Though property seem to be have been built up but no progress to its completion, failing which possession is delayed and is yet to be handed over. In fact, no progress for delivery of our property is informed & always vague & conflicting information is given in piecemeal.

It was promised by your Company at the time of making the payment for the property that the possession of the fully constructed flat would be handed over By [possession month] [possession year] and since I/us had booked under [payment modes/schemes], we had assumed that by the time we would start paying our EMIs, the burden of rentals would go off.

We demand that you don’t delay the possession of this property any further. If this continues, we can file suit against you under RERA Act.

Kindly contact us with your queries or your response to this notice at the earliest.

Your Customer/Flat Owner

[Your Name]

[Your current address]

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