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Extraordinary General Meeting

An EGM is a shareholder meeting which is conducted other than the Annual General Meeting of the company. The EGM is also called a special general meeting or emergency general meeting.

As per the Companies Act, 2013, the specific members/ shareholders can hold the meeting and the meeting must have the input of all senior executives and Board members.

Requirements of Extraordinary General Meeting

  • The EGM has no specific details for conducting a meeting in a year
  • EGM meeting is called for specific requirement or in case of a crisis
  • Can be called on national holiday or outside the business hours.
  • Can be conveyed by members/ shareholders.

Who Can Call EGM?

Only some members with a particular stake are allowed to call for an EGM. The following listed in Companies Act, 2013 can call meeting:

  • EGM called by Board
  • EGM called by the Requistionists
  • In case a company has share capital, members holding not less than 1/10th of such paid capital have voting rights.
  • In case a company does not have share capital, members holding not less than 1/10th have a total voting power.

Members Required in a Meeting

The following members should be included in the Extraordinary General Meeting:

  • For Public Company - Five members must be personally present
  • For Other Company - Two members must be personally present

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