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Business Partner Resignation Letter

If you are a partner in a Partnership Firm, then you are in a better place to claim excellent personal and financial rewards. But being a partner in a multi-headed firm is also a mammoth task. To commit to such a role is a big commitment that requires a lot of effort. Therefore, it will be understandable when someone wants to quit a Partnership. However, there can also be other reasons, such as personal or health reasons.

So, if you have decided to leave your Partnership Arrangement, then to submit a resignation, the person must know how to write a formal resignation letter. To formally depart from a Company leaves a good impression on you in the Firm and among your partners. It also shows that you have no ill-will towards them.

Partnership Resignation Letter Format

Writing a Partnership Resignation Letter: While drafting a resignation letter, the person must ensure that the letter's content is grammatically and lexically correct. Also, the Partner must use professional letterhead. In addition, the person must ensure that the formal partnership business resignation letter format is well defined and adopted on paper more attentively. The letter must properly communicate the Partner's intention to his Firm's partners.

Content of the Letter

Designated Partner Resignation Letter format

How to resign from CA Partnership Firm? The content of the letter can be vaguely defined in the following manner:

1.    Greet your partners in the letter starting.

2.    Clearly state your intentions to resign.

3.    Mention the effective date of resignation.

4.    Also, mention your contact details, even if they have your phone number already

5.    Appreciate your partners, and gracefully mention how you loved working with them in the closing paragraph.

6.    Lastly, wish the Firm and partners continued success.

Submitting the Resignation Letter

Partner Relieving Letter Format: As mentioned earlier, you can use the layout as a resignation letter format to generate a relieving letter quickly and easily. You must also cite the reason for your departure. Once the resignation letter is generated, the Partner can print it on his letterhead or any plain white paper, sign it and finally deliver it to the partners in the Firm's name.

One can also write a Resignation letter in an email and send it to the company's HR department. Also, the Partner must extend the sufficient time to the Partnership Company to arrange another partner for their Firm. Also, the person must create atleast two copies of the resignation letter. The Partner can retain one copy of the document and issue another to the Firm.

If the letter's reception is confirmed, then you must request the letter recipient, whosoever it may be, be it Partner(s) of the Firm or the HR Manager of the Firm, to confirm the letter reception to him. This can be done by sending an acknowledgment receipt and asking them to sign and send it to the sender.


A resignation letter is usually only a request to relieve you of duty, per the employment contract or appointment letter. It is upto the Firm to accept, reject, or make a counteroffer on receipt of such a resignation letter. Also, the Firm's action can be subject to the employment contract terms. But most companies accept the resignation letter, which indicates the last date of employment. For any resignation relating to a business partnership, you can download it from the attachments of this Web page. Some of the letter formats are listed below:

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